Lab Results - 1 month on Oclavia

I got my lab results this morning. July 5th my ALKP was 240. It is now 179. AST was 48 & is now 41. So, hopefully Oclavia will be my livers new friend, lol! My drs range confuses me though. In July the normal range for ALKP was 40-150, now it’s 38-126. AST range is July was 5-34 & now is 14-36. So I researched Mayo Clinic reference range. Age 61-65 is 50-130U/L. The range shouldn’t vary. I’ll have to check on that.

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  • Glad to see the numbers are going down!

  • Yes ma’am. Thank you ☺️

  • In Canada the range (at my lab anyway) is 120 or less (no point in looking at the lowest number , LOL). Glad to hear OCA is working for you!

    I am in my 2nd month on OCA and #s have dropped from 313 to 24, although appears to be slowing down- need to ask my Dr if theres a plateau period.

    Good news for you so far!!

  • Hello🤗. I hope we both do well with it. I’ll see again next month.

  • Hi gwillistexas, what good news, so pleased for you.

    It's not unusual for labs to have different reference ranges esp for ALP, but you'd think they'd get together and decide! From what I've read, the top ends of the ranges are not a great place to be in general, but for us, we'll take that!

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks! No, we don’t want or need to be at the top or beyond the range. I analyze my results too much...I cause myself a lot of stress😔😊

  • Great news!

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