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Shut down


Hi all. I have been trying to work but call out more times than not. I just got word that I was terminated. Still waiting on approval for social security disability. And now even though it was only 10 to 15 hrs per week it was money. Now that's gone. I am single with a daughter starting college.

What am I going to due. Now my anxiety and depression is kicking in to high gear.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Y-now

This must be so hard for you. I hope you get your disability social security, do you know how long before you hear? All that pressure builds up stress levels which are not good for the PBC. I think you are in the USA and I do not know how your system works there but I hope something get sorted out for you soon.

best wishes

I think, if you have been terminated, your employer may have to offer you some kind of a severance package. If you are sick enough your doctor can write a note saying you can't work and then you could qualify for disability. If you are disabled, you can probably start collecting your Social Security . If you can get your SS, then I think there is a stipend for your daughter. Which might help with college for at least a couple of years. There is also Welfare and Medicaid? You are going to have to get on the phone and start making calls. This could be a process. I will pray for your patience, energy, and positive attitude. Also, a lot of those places have online information. So check there first.

I'm very sorry about your friend. It certainly leaves a hole in your heart. I guess we all have to remember that everything here on earth is temporary. This includes friends, family,pets and life situations (thankfully). Light a candle for your friend and make sure you have a little bit of fun everyday.

Best wishes and God bless.


Shulsey in reply to 4pjx__

I completely understand where you're coming from. My last day of work was April 27th. I went in to resign, I didn't have a choice. My Dr restrictions make it next to impossible to find work. Im in the middle of my disability claim & on govt assistance. My goal was always to work in order to get away from the govt programs. That's a thought of the past now😒. I have a 19 year old daughter who is starting college soon. Going in today to fill out her FASFA papers to see how much help we can get to get her through school. Then my youngest daughter starts third grade in a week or so. I have zero money to get her school supplies & all of the places around us that help with that has already came & gone. Plus her softball sign ups for fall ball is this weekend, that's $45 just to get her started. My kids shouldn't have to suffer because their mother is sick. I pray that something will happen & soon. Praying for you as well.

Stay strong❣️


Y-now. So so sorry about the job. The last thing you need now is stress. Very bad for your health. I so hope for a solution. My thoughts with you

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