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Ok this is crazy!! I'm on 2000mg of Urso now, for about a week, I was on 600mg. Ok my fibroscan was 21.3 I just had an U.S. and my Dr. said it was like a healthy persons U.S. She said she knows there damage but how much?? So I'm pretty psyched, I just had a feeling the fibroscan was wrong it put me at stage 4!! So now my Dr. wants to do a transjugular biopsy so she can see how high the portal pressure is. Oh she added Nadolol. My blood pressure is getting higher for some reason 185/100. So I feel better I really think the Urso is working for me. I'm still exhausted all the time but no so much upset stomach. I still have a lot of joint pain. And she is scheduling me with Rheumatology for the Sicca syndrome. I'll update again after my biopsy. Oh I'm Diabetic also and my blood sugar keeps rising 😕

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RebeGarcia10. Have you considered cutting out gluten. I had endless tummy problems, i.e. loose stools. After refraining from gluten and fatty foods and alcohol, it is normal

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also blood pressure and blood sugar rising can mean you are less active...I found out i had all this and i began researching alternatives and found robuvit helps with lmt's and doctors take it daily to stay healthy i added it and feel energetic once again i also found out about s-acetyl glutathione as a way of preventing more liver damage and scarring...it sounds to be of great benefit all i know is my bile ducts have now re-opened confirmed by a weeks worth of blue green bowel movements(excess bile in the intestine causes bowel movements to turn blue-green) and new testing and my lfts are back to normal...in addition to this i had cut down or cut out sugar, salt & fat except for coconut oil or olive oils and i had also begun juicing and eating two meals a day vegan since food seems to add fire to the damage causing much inflammation. Best of Luck.


Thank you!


Thanks that's a good idea!!


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