very dry raised brown spots

Hi Guys, I would like to know if any of you good people have had a lot of brown spots on your skin mine are mostly on my legs and arms and look terrible and I recently started getting very dry eyes so bad my eyelids cracked and were so sore and swollen I canceled my vacation to Mexico, appriactedI am taking Urso and some days I feel like quitting work I am so tired any suggestions appreciated.

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  • susanashworth. I also have brown spots, I think it is from the liver. My eyes also get red and itchy at times, luckily I have not had the cracked eyelids. Do you have other Auto Immune diseases and do you take Vitamin supplements?

  • Hi susanashworth,

    I posted about this a while back and it seems a lot of people have this and also get a darker 'suntan'. I'm not on urso, so I think it's a pbc thing. I don't have dry eyes but have read on here that many have.

  • It's normal. Called liver spots. Everyone gets them at some time but it seems the Pbc crowd has them raised.

  • Hi. I also have the brown spots on my legs and arms. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that this is just another symptom. The dry eyes is yet another. Recently my eyes were so sore I went to my opticians who confirmed the dry eyes issue and recommended I use Systane eye drops 4 times a day and especially at night. You can also use a hot compress on the eyes which help loosen the oil ducts under the eye lid or alternatively the eye mask that you heat in a microwave and use for 10 mins. The optician told me that by using the drops and the mask will control the problem. Although my eyes are ok now I keep using the drops to prevent the dry eyes and the mask once a week to help prevent reoccurrence. Hope y

  • Hi. I'm sure the other posters on here are right (as in about liver spots) but as someone who just had a skin cancer removed I would strongly recommend you get them checked by a doctor (dermatologist). ALL spots/lumps/bumps (regardless of colour) that appear should be checked. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Thanks, Lisa I will,

  • I've got brown, orangy-brown patches that have appeared over the last couple of years. Much bigger than liver spots and rough ie slightly raised and dry. They seem to appear on pressure points like on the top of the foot (from kneeling down gardening) & knees. They're certainly not pretty but sadly they don't wash off (!) or respond to moisturizers. The liver nurse wasn't interested but I'm sure I've seen something about them a liver site somewhere - just can't remember where....

    Liver spots are completely different - got loads of those from sunshine on my hands & arms mainly when I'm driving.

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