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I have been getting tested for the last year and a half to determine if I have PBC. My AMA has gone from 40 up to 75.2. A biopsy has not shown a definitive result per the pathologist or liver specialist at U of M. My ANA has only been high once during that time and my ALT and AST went back to normal as soon as gastroenterolist took me off cholesterol medicine. I am experiencing excessive sweating along with all other syptoms. One Dr says PBC while the other says no but maybe some other autoimmune disease. They are just watching blood test results. Any suggestions, please!!!

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Hello labootz16.

From what I can gather from when I was diagnosed with PBC late 2010 there has to be a 'high titre' (measure) of the AMAs due along with symptons of PBC to be diagnosed without a biopsy. A biopsy is supposed to give a definitive diagnosis if PBC is present as it is said to be present throughout the liver cells.

In early 2010 I started itching badly. It was then found my LFTs (liver function test) was higher than normal and that is what started me on the road to diagnosis.

I wasn't taking any medications, hadn't for years so my LFTs were straight-forward in that nothing else at the time could be deduced that were causing these.

There is another liver disorder known as PSC but can't say what has to be present with that, not sure if certain antibodies or if it can be known via biopsy.

I was negative for the ANAs when I was checked along with AMAs in 2010.

I'm no doctor but it might just have been a case cholesterol meds might have caused your results. A lot of medications can cause certain side-effects too.

It seems a wise move for a doctor to want to check bloods at intervals for any changes.


Thanks for your response. My concern is that my AMA is getting higher and the biopsy was done over a year ago along with my symptoms getting worse , but still no diagnosis or treatment. Don't know what to do!


I am in the same boat. Elevated AMA M2, normal LTFs. My doctor did not diagnose me with PBC yet. No Urso either.

Are you taking Urso? I am taking bile salt supplement because my natural path said anyone without a gallbladder needs to take bile salt.




No, I am not taking Urso. Has the bile salt helped you?


It's hard to say because I don't know how to measure the effectiveness.

I think it helps with food digestion a little faster and that's about it.

I was hoping it will relieve the constipation but it didn't do the job so I am not sure what to think about it.


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