My Hands

My Hands

OK here is what has been going on, over the last year my right hand has changed dramatically it started when my pinky and ring finger started going numb and then my wrist started hurting badly and I started loosing muscle in my hand and also strength as well griping and holding things has become an issue and tingling as well and my right has also started looking like a skeleton and my right pinky finger has started curling and drawing up and I can not straiten it out anymore now it has also started in my left hand as well same issues and on top of all this pain and tingling and loss of strength and muscle in them now the palms of my hands are itchy very very itchy and I'll scratch them with anything I can to relieve the itch and it never goes away its just painfully debilitating and I just can not stand this pain it is become more than I can deal with so much as to I would rather have my hands cut off and removed does anyone have this problem and has anyone had this problem that had a doctor adress this and have any answers or suggestions that would help me please I'm desperate for answers

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  • Hi LisaBamaArd

    Have you seen your gp about this? If not you should make an appointment as there's obviously some problem. Hope you get some relief soon.x

  • Hello LisaBamaArd.

    Though we can hav bone issues with PBC it could well be you have a tendon problem with your little finger. I had a relative who had this issue with his finger years ago.

    I doubt you will get an answer on this site and like emerich says, best route would be for your seek your doctor's opinion.

  • Love your heart!!! Yours is the first I've seen with this. Did your doctor say it's from PBC? I have arthritis problems in my hands and my grip is horrible now and my finger joints are hurting all the time BUT NOT like yours! My doctor said the PBC pulls vitamins from the body. He said my hands will probably get worse but shouldn't get to a debilitating point. I'm soooo sorry for your hands. They are our God-made tools.... i truly don't know what to say! Prayers......

  • HI LisaBamaArd, it sounds like ulnar tunnel syndrome - caused by compression of the ulnar nerve. Have u had any injury/damage to the elbow or do u have arthritis? I would definitely go to the doctor and have it checked out.

  • Hi , my mum has hands just like yours, she has osteoarthritis and gowt in them, check it out with your gp, she now takes tablets her hands are much better but never back to normal, she says she can't straighten them and her pain is awful , she has better days and worse days, your gp can give you the correct medicine and pain relief . Hope you are feeling better soon , send hug for you x

  • Dupuytrens contracture is similar... google it . My husband has had several operations on his hand due to it.

  • I also have Dupuytrens contracture in addition to PBC. Scar tissue forms over the tendons. It's genetic and no cure..

  • Hi LisaBamaArd,

    I'd get an appointment with your doctor about this as soon as you can and hopefully you will get an urgent referral to a Rheumatologist.

    Sometimes it can be much harder to treat or correct issues if they are left for long periods of time. Hence the urgency.

    Meanwhile, it may sound strange but try making sure each day that you stay hydrated. Dehydration might make the symptoms worse.

  • Maybe Rheumatoid Arthritis?

  • My husband has similar problem in his hands but has settled. His is associated with pyrones (spelling may be wrong). They seem to be related. Its a thickening and scaring of tendons that causes the tendon to shorten. Its also hereditary esp in men.

  • Lisa are you ok

  • Check your nutritional status especially group B vitamins. Best get tested with Functional medicine testing. Check your ferritin levels as well.

  • That looks similar to rheumatoid arthritis which is also an immune disease

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