Trigger Finger (Locked Finger) & PBC ?

Has anyone else with liver issues experienced Trigger Finger? (When I wake in morning I have 2 middle fingers curled up and am unable to straighten them without using my other hand to straighten them, the straightening causes pain! )

As I read about it autoimmune

issues are mentioned and liver / kidney s are mentioned too. So I wonder if other liver patients have experienced this?

I am 10 months post transplant, have Iscemic Cholangiopathy ( failing bile ducts) with a second transplant expected (hoped for)

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  • HiYa, all my fingers are curled up in the morning and it takes quite a while for me to get my fingers moving, sometimes even my thumbs are hurting as well, I just put it down to normal PBC joint pain for me. everything else hurts as well so I didn't see any difference in pain anywhere else, but when you think about it it's a bit strange, i am going to the pain clinic very soon, I will ask, they are aslo sending me to Wrecsam for a fibroscan, I thought ( hoped ) Glan clwyd would of had one.

  • dollydaydreams, you are the first to reply to my post re. trigger fingers, funny you have this too.

    how are you getting along in terms of having answers provided by GP consultants etc.? are you under a consultant in Glan Clwyd?

    my experience is that local GPs and consultants are not up to speed on PBC at all, hope you are onto a liver specialist by now?

    keep in touch, Charlie.

  • Hiya Charlie, no I am under a gastro and Llandudno hospital, i am a feeling I am the only patient, he seems a bit more up to speed on it this time i saw him, I have only seen this one twice, the first time he did not seem interested, but this time i went with a list all typed out and asked questions and mostly got the right answers, he still won't admit that PBC causes pain even though the rheumatologist told him I have chronic pain that is not fibromyalgia.

    I did mention to him that I would of liked to see prof david Jones where he not so far away.

  • You need to see another consultant IMO PBC is very specialised, but I fear there are no consultants who have much or any experience. Llandudno Hospital is not a major hospital, the gastro people there (unless you are exceedingly lucky) will have no or little understanding of PBC. I would ask to be allowed to go to a transplant specialist hospital (and Freeman is best for PBC) for at least one appointment, you could even try approaching Freeman your self, and I give you permission to mention my name -(kenneth George Charles Hobson) they were very surprised when we arrived with 2 bits of paper, they usually have a thick file on tyhe patient.... it is worth a try, ask for the liver transplant co-ordinator, or registrar on call - it sounds like your consultant is not up to speed, and this is no surprise, PBC being unusual.

  • I will see what my fibroscan says first and if i need to I will ask to go to the freeman.

    I went to help with tea tonight and i bent to get a pan, i know the Liver does not cause pain per say but I almost passed out with a pain straight across where my liver is, I was quite worried at the time. Just hoping it was wind :o))))

    About your hands I tend the curl both hands up into little fists while i am asleep.

    Anyway thanks Charlie will get back to you when I go for the scan, Take care XX

  • Hi PCBnPBC,

    I had similar to this when I was pregnant (not relevant to you I know!) and it went after about 6 weeks after the birth , my GP said it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I never thought It could be connected to PBC, it has not come back but sometimes my fingers feel a bit stiff, I'll have to keep an eye on it. Sorry I am not really helping here


  • Buy ionic balance braclet for your trigger finger not expensive you can buy on line

  • Occupational therapist can make splints for this. I had the same, wore the splint at night and it resolved within a couple of months.

    Hope that helps.

  • my main interest was is trigger finger associated with PBC ?

    From the number of replies from people with both conditions, I think it is safe to say, if you suffer PBC it is no surprise you could have trigger finger! I will now set off to get splints before it gets any worse.... Thanks to all for replies.

  • Trigger finger is otherwise know Dupuytrens Contracture (link

    In some cases such as my family it is genetic and I have been told but not researched it that it indicates that your ancestors were Vikings.

    It is not linked to PBC but many many people do have it. It is a lot more common than PBC . Hope the above link helps you. In our area the GP refers you to an orthopaedic assessment clinic and depending on the severity there are a number of routes.

  • I have had surgery on both my thumbs for Trigger thumbs. My orthopedic surgeon could not believe that I was not diabetic because he said that diabetics usually get trigger thumbs.

  • I had surgery on my right thumb for Trigger thumb. I never even thought it was related PBC. The surgery wasn't bad. If it persist I would have the surgery. They should be able to do both fingers at once since they are on the same hand. I wouldn't do both hands at once. You need one for bathroom duties. lol. Seriously though. I hope this helps.

  • I am not saying PBC and Trigger Finger are related! I sense there are a few trigger finger sufferers amongst the PBC community, and thus do wonder if there is a connection? still do! anyway, not the worst thing to happen, onwards and upwards!

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