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Liver flush, anyone?

Hi, all:

In a recent health webinar it was mentioned that liver flush can flush out liver/gall stones naturally. It says we need to clean the gall stones even if our gallbladder is removed because the stones are formed in the liver and it can get stuck in the bile duct. (See doctor Hulda Clark website for liver cleanse. drclark.net/cleanses/advanc...

Has anyone heard about this? If so, what's your thought? My thought is that if our bile duct is already attacked and inflamed, could the flush makes it worse?

If someone has done this before, can you please share your experience/thoughts?



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Hello Janelng.

Sounds a bit well dodgy to me.

I didn't follow your link but put my own into Google. This Dr. apparently died in 2009. My thoughts are that times change, new things come along and I am certain if this so-called practice is known it would be more publicised.

I don't believe everything I see on the internet. My computer often blocks sites for links, etc so then I get a bit dubious as to whether they are genuine or not. I prefer to look on reputed sites and tend to be in the UK as that is where I am.


Thanks for your input. :-)



I just looked at your link, quite honestly reading about this liver cleanse and the zapper contraption thats reported to zaps internal parasites before doing a cleanse sorry I think this site is complete hogwash. (Rubbish).

I don't know about liver cleanse in general i personally wouldn't ever try it , but I have read more convincing sites, however all aim to sell you something and that's where I stop reading and listening.

If they need to sell me something it's not natural so I would never trust it.


Cindy12, thanks for your response. It's comforting to know that people here are willing to give their honest opinion.

Have a great day.



Hi Janeing, next time you see your liver doctor, ask about this protocol. Sometimes these " cleanses" or "flushes" can be very harmful to a compromised biliary tract ( as in PBC patients); but I think it's important to ask so that you can recognize the health danger you might be incurring if you follow them.

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Good ideas, Thanks!!


Hi Janeing, I was told I had gallstones, a few years ago. But not to worry, since the gallbladder could be removed in no time these days.

I was sceptic.

I googled those stones and searched for alternative methods.

I never had a problem with cramps.

But this was on my mind.

I stumbled over Andreas Moritz and found him a bit dodgy.

His book "the amazing gall liver cleanse" had phantastic ratings though.

I endet up buying it . It´s quite a big book. And not well written.

I went on, googling.

I found this page: iraisemyhealth.info/

and read the testimoneys there.

I endet up doing it . It was easyer then expected , and the result was mindblowing. I feel so good now . I really encourage you to dig further into this .

This is not simply a way to clean up , this changes your quality of life.

I never thought this could happen.

I would absolutly recomment this to anyone, but .Please get informed about it.And don´t do it on your own. I showed my results (150 stones up to 2cm long, oval) to my doctor , her eyes fell out and she sent them off to 2 different labs (95 % colesterol).

But I had a quite large stone getting stuck, which caused considerable pain in my upper back, radiating from my liver area. My ostheopath came over and treated me.right away.

I´m so lucky he knew about this method, and that he was able to released that stone .

You have to repeat the flush every 3-4 weeks, untill no more stones come out.

And respect the procedere in every detail.

By the way, I´m 60, hypothyroid and had depression, backpain and arthrytis.

My mood has improved considerably. My back pain is gone. The pain in my sholder is gone.

It has been 6 weeks now.



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Thanks so much Barbara for sharing your experience and the weblink.

My eyes fell out too reading your story. Like you, I have hypothyroidism and back pain. I also have Acid reflux, gastritis, food sensitivity, IBS. I assume you have PBC?

From the readings on the web, it's recommended to treat parasite prior to liver flush. did you do that? I have acid reflux so apple juice and grapefruit juice bother my stomach. Do you have that problem?

Where do you live? Who's your osthepath? I don't know where to find a trust worthy ostheopath. I work with a functional medicine doctor but she is a MD.

I am so excited to know that you got such a wonderful result. Hope it will work for me too.

Have a wonderful day,



Hi again Jane.

I don´t have PBC, sorry. And I don´t believe in all these deseases any more. If you think about it, we all suffer from some desease, that then never gets healed. We get a treatment with side effects, lots of promises, and that´s it. I started changing my food a bit. I started eating less sugar and one grapefruit a day. And I cook simple food. No ready made. It works for me. That liver flush was the icing on the cake if you like.In my oppinion it plays into the field of make vitamins and enzymes available.That then fix what is wrong with you, or your autoimmunity. But who am I to juge this? I can only guess. Try it .

It costs nothing.


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