Living with PBC and triple heart bypass

Hi I am 58 yr old male I had triple heart bypass 21st OCT 2015 then 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with BPC my liver Specilist has put me on Ursofalk500 twice a day I feel very tired in day and itchey at night and pain in my legs and joints feeling a bit low at present as I got another heart op this week in Bristol heart foundation

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  • Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Can you tell me more about the joint pain you're experiencing? What are they going in for with the surgery coming up?

    Thinking about and keeping you in the many prayers I say for us all.


  • Hi I go back in heart foundation in bristol

    On Tuesday they will be looking for infection on mySternum 18 months pre op as it is not nitting back together and try repair hernia and very pain full also no have PBC to much to take in at moment my pains in joints is not very nice it comes and go far worst at night same with my itchy skin regards Steve

  • I live in Bristol England

  • Steve, I hope everything goes well for you Tuesday. Try to relax as best you know how considering all that's going on with you. So many experiencing more than one ailment at a time. Your young!! 58 right? You still got some living to do. Pbc is something you live with... manage. Concentrate on getting better and through this heart issue. One thing at a time. My prayers are with you friend. I have terrible joint pain... I've heard about the itching. Not looking forward to that. Don't forget to get back on here and tell us all how your doing. Ok?


  • Hi had my Hearna repaired and remove wires from my sternum , last march at BRISTOl heart foundation but unfortunately it came back a few months later So got to see a general surgeon 😷 for small operation to repair it again Still takeing my 1000mg of urso ever day good days and bad ones , See my liver specialist in September @ southmead hospital in bristol to see if tablets are slowing my condition down or not hopefully they are cross my fingers

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