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Low INR?

I was just going over some blood work results from November 30th! And what did I find? My INR is a (1). OMG! I am so scared. Is this a normal thing for people with PBC? I got my results on December 8th...but he didn't put me on Warfarin or anything...I am extremely concerned. I was supposed to see him in early January, but with all the medical bills I don't have the money to go :( He has not called to say that this is a problem. What do I do?

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Ok...I did some more research and found that (1) is normal for healthy people not taking Warfarin. I had searched and searched before I made this post, but only found 2.0 - 3.0 was normal in people taking Warfarin. FINALLY, I found WebMD that explained that 1.1 or less in normal for people not taking Warfarin. Whew! I was really worried.

My Prothrombin time is 9.3 which in the normal range that is why I was so confused as to why my (1) was low. I'm glad I figured it out.

Any other info is greatly appreciated.


Hi marty102

Was just about to suggest an email to the PBC Foundation but then saw your next post. So glad you have worked it out. Nasty scare though!

best wishes


not sure what it means - but just breathe...I've been scared (am now) and it's hard to remember to just breathe.... :) HUGS

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Thanks for the kind words :)


Hi a normal INR is 1. It only rises if you take an anti coagulant medication, I had a stroke 4 years ago and take warfarin my INR is kept between 2 and 3

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Thanks for clarifying. I was really scared.


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