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I have not been feeling to good lately I got blood work done and my Alp level was 131 but my primary doctor said there was no concern because my other numbers were within range (Ast/14 Alt/17) However my vitamin D level was low 22.2 but the doctor said a little light exposure and vitamin d fortified products should help resolve the issue he also referred me to gi doctor for stomach issues I've been having and when I went to see him he order an endoscopy and bunch of test of my liver no I'm confused so if there is nothing to be alarmed why all the tests?

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Hello mayragon76.

I presume you have not had any diagnosis or explanation of your current health issue.

I prefer not to speculate. I started itching early 2010 and after a fortnight of it being intense and not appearing to dissipate I went to see my GP (I am in the UK). I had blood tests taken a week later as it was at first thought by the GP I had some allergy. My blood work came back showing some of the LFTs (liver function test) as above normal range (I had more than just the one). I had further blood checks to rule out this and that and then GP did a test to determine if bone or liver related. Came back liver and I was asked to go for an ultrasound (that was a month later the appointment). My scan came back pretty much normal and after the GP exhausted blood tests he could do he referred me to the hepatology dept at local hospital.

Whilst I waited for the appointment to come round (took 13 weeks) I did a bit of looking myself, saw PBC as a liver condition in a library reference book and did wonder if I had that. There are other liver conditions that can cause the LFTs to be outside normal range (even certain medications can do so but your doctor usually knows this if prescribed or they do ask). I never mentioned PBC to the doctor and waited for the appointment to come round.

I had an antibodies blood test on my first hospital appointment and also one known as GGT (taken with know liver issues). From itching (and also at the time fatigue) plus my blood work and being found to have certain antibodies of a high titre I was diagnosed with PBC.

In the early days of diagnosis I was found to have an on the line reading for the Vitamin D. The consultant said I could take supplements if I wanted to but he wasn't recommending any at the time. A further blood several months later and after the UK weather warmed up I was found to have an adequate supply of Vitamin D then.

I was I'd say a pretty straight-forward patient to be diagnosed with PBC but if there is usually any doubt as to what a patient might have, other tests can be performed.

Certain tests (ie endoscopy) can be routine in PBC patients after an established diagnosis as can others. Seems to vary between doctors and also countries it seems too.

6 years on from my diagnosis my LFTs are still outside the normal range but a lot less than they were in 2010 but that is more than likely due to the fact I've been taking ursodeoxycholic acid that is the usual route for treatment of PBC.

It could be your doctor wants certain tests too as you have posted you have 'stomach issues'.


Hi mayragon76

From my most recent blood print out I can see the lab used parameters of 30 - 130 giving me a result of 155. If your lab uses similar parameters then your ALP is only just over the top range.

After a sunshine holiday a couple of years ago I was found to be moderate for vitamin D and started using a vitamin D spray under my tongue.

Recently having paid to see a specialist as I was feeling truly unwell he ordered an endoscopy and an ultra sound. I was worried about the endoscopy and wondered what he was looking for - I still don't know as I am waiting to see him at the end of this month. Sometimes I think these tests are ordered just to rule other stuff out.

If you do get a diagnosis of PBC then you may find that stress is your worst enemy. I hope you do not have long to wait for your tests but I am sure that will depend upon which country you live in. Also the sooner PBC is diagnosed (and if you have not yet been diagnosed you may not have PBC) the better the outcome.

best wishes, let us know how you get on.

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Hi - you have posted on the PBC forum but do not mention if you have this condition? I was diagnosed after my Liver Function blood tests were elevated for some years, so your Doc has done the right thing referring you to a GI. Mine ordered a liver biopsy that confirmed PBC. As you say you have stomach issues too, that's why he is doing an Endoscopy, that's all normal. Vit D can certainly be helped by regular sun exposure or a good high strength Vit D supplement, I'm surprised your Doc didn't recommend that rather than just suggest you eat more fortified products! Post again when you get your results? x


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