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Itching and burning

I am at my wits end with itching and burning sensation mainly in both arms and back. Is this normal with PBC? Had this for about 12 months

My skin is such a mess looks like I have chicken pox scabs the are raised lumps that itch then bleed. Have been on Questran 1 sachet a day now for a month ...... DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO BE EFFECTIVE. I am going insane !!!

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Hi Chebsy1407

I take Questran Light but 2 sachets a day. I think it can take up to 12 weeks to be fully effective in those that respond to it. Although it controlled my itching to a certain degree it did not completely resolve my issues. A specialist also recommended a menthol cream at 2 per cent used straight from the fridge as giving a temporary relief. I used to use ice blocks before getting the cream. I see a specialist on the 30th in the hope of getting more help.

Please see the article in the Bear Facts magazine of Spring 2015 by Professor Neuburger on itching. This can be accessed through the Members Section at the PBC Foundation web site, free to join if you are not already a member. It gives a good break down of treatments and also indicates when best to take colestyramine.

best wishes

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Hi not everyone gets the dreaded itch and it can come and go like a light switch. It disappeared for about three years and then came back with a vengeance last week. It's makes me tired and miserable. My dr prescribed colesvelam in tablet form (used it before) and after 3 days the itch is starting to subside. It's not a very well publicised drug for the itch as apparently expensive. Hope this helps.


Chebsy1407. I can relate to how you feel. Get that terrible itch from time to time where you really feel you cannot take it any day longer. Today I took Prednisone, know it is not good on long run, but have to build up a bit of courage. Really this PBC disease is not for the a walk down the park. Hope you can find something to ease the itch


It's normal ... after being on urso and my numbers getting better I wasn't itchy at all (also on prednisone for AiH). Now that my prednisone has been lowered I'm itchy a lot


Does prednisone stop the itching? I am taking questran one month in and still itching !!!!


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