Having another period of intense itching. I am one of those that scratch and scratch so I bleed and bleed. I'm on blood thinners which doesn't help.


Also extreme dry mouth. Teeth are chipping and dropping out at will

This is my whine party. Sorry, it's so nice you can relate!!

Tired working 50 he weeks!! This to will pass

Merry Christmas to all!!!


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  • Have you tried Xylimelts for dry mouth or Smints? They both use xylitol which really helps me.

  • try glycerine gor your mouth. Rub a little on inside of lips. Merry Christmas xx

  • I use exfoliating gloves in the shower and then cream myself to keep the skin supple. Its not so easy to make the skin bleed when it is supple.

    Currently on two tablets twice a day of Cetirizine which is an anti histamine. For the most part it has controlled the itching but at the moment I am getting a bit of itching. Someone I know used to have a very dry mouth and used an artificial saliva from a tube - I do not remember what it was called and I am sad to say this lady is no longer with us to ask. Can you ask at your local dentist.

    Love your Christmas trees, merry Christmas to you.

  • I chew gum for my dry mouth hope this helps.

  • When you have cleaned your teeth swill your mouth out with coconut oil, swish it round your mouth for 10 to 20 mins, it's called pulling and will make your gums and teeth better feel much better, well it's made mine a lot better as my dentist was talking root canal but that tooth is now 100% better, search google for teeth pulling with coconut oil.

    I am having a very itchy time as well and have ended up with scars all over my arms, I am taking cholestyramine but whatever i put on my skin I cannot hydrate it within an hour or so of sloshing cream on it's all dry and flaky again and I have tried almost everything going, aveeno, dove, nivea, garnier, baby oil, baby lotion, bio oil, double base, you name it I tried it, even my scalp is itching. I think that the cold weather and central heating has a lot to answer for, gee there is nothing like being itchy and gooey both at the same time, what a life.


  • Hi Dollydaydreams I also have tried about everything for the dry ski. Used to have lovely teeth, now I am a regular patient at dentist. He does not understand that we cant go on Crown teeth.I want them to be replaced by false teeth. This PBC (outo immune) is really getting the better of us, and so few people understand what we go through. I am so full of scars from all the scratching, and then people say but dont scratch????? But we will keep on fighting this PBC. I find what I eat is very important and since gluten is cut out completely, I dont suffer so much with loose stools

  • I told my husband that if he told me not to scratch once more I would knock his block off, well I say told, more like screamed. I am going to hang on to my teeth no matter what it takes.

  • Hi

    I'm new to all of this and reading up on posts. Re: your comment 'He does not understand that we cant go on Crown teeth' is this correct and why? My dentist is talking about me having a crown but this was before I was diagnosed with PBC.


  • Hi Amt 50. Just came back from dentist. Another tooth chipped. The drs and dentists do not understand how our bodies work. I just know that my body is a very expensive one and I really sometimes get frustrated, because it is the one thing after the other with this autoimmune condition. Go well

  • That's interesting as my teeth have been chipping but my Dr said I must grind my teeth but I swear I don't so it could relate - thanks

  • Hi amt50. I had another badly chipped tooth, so I spend quite some time at dentist nowadays. Used to have lovely strong teeth an now this. Just do not know what to expect of this PBC thing and Autoimmune. It is really playing tricks with me, but luckily now that I have you guys, I no longer feel like I am the only one in the world with this condition.

  • You have all the right to whine, we understand, other people dont. I also lately have teeth problems, dry mouth, sore throat (that is better now), itch like crazy, but we are still here. I gargled with salt and bicarb water. M erry Christmas also to you and family

  • I can't seem to gargle, i always end up swallowing it, I have even practiced with lucozade and it ended up coming down my nose :o))

  • Yeah, it is not easy to gargle, most of the stuff ends up in my face

  • Hi all

    My itch has gone from legs to all over and my head has some lovely scabs from where I've broke the skin (long nails look nice but don't half do some damage) oops...I've tried just about everything the same as dollydaydreams but find that the only thing to work is to just scratch it and worry about the damage afterwards.

    I agree with you all it is soooo annoying to have to listen to the phrase "don't scratch" if I had a pound for every time I heard that I'd be a millionaire...infact that is going to be my New Year Resolution...I'm going to charge ยฃ1.00 from everyone who says it...then I can scratch my itch from the Bahamas !!!

    I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and an Itch free New Year


  • That is now a good idea. Let them pay for each time you hear that stupid word "'dont scratch''as if we want to scratch. My nails, I keep as short as possible, it is just that 2 hands are not enough. Wishing you also an itch free Christmas and New Year

  • I have just been diagnosed with pbc and the itching was my first indication it started about a year or so ago and after several doctors visits finally got the problem but the itching is now so intense its driving me slightly insane i have been put on clhorphenamine but it doesnt seem to be helping so will be borrowing some ideas from above thanks guys

    ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸผMerry christmas ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ

  • Char char 1980. Sorry but for the itching I do not have a solution. I just know that mine is getting worse and worse. Suppose if one does not eat at all, the itch will vanish

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