I am fairly newly diagnosed with PBC and I have a question for you all. I pretty much thought I didn't have symptoms. Not really enough to send me to the doctor. Since diagnosis I feel a spot on my back between my shoulder blades and spine. It's just under the skin. It seems to come and go. It also seems to be related to stress. Is this the kind of itch you are talking about or is it a regular on top of the skin kind of Itch? I also have occasional achy joints and dental issues.

Thanks, Pam

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  • Not really they're no spots with my itching. The easiest way to describe it is as though the itch is coming from the inside outwards rather than on the top of the skin. & It would be an area rather than a spot. Eg my arms from elbow to hands & absolutely maddening. making you scratch without knowing your doing it.xx

  • Thank you teddybear7. I guess I don't have the itch then. It probably would have been good if I did though. I think I have had this for many years and that would have taken me to the doctor a lot sooner.

  • It was my forearms also

  • I had some red little spots in fact my GP thought I had scabies as it was on my hands wrists and feet. Turned out I had PBC. Dental issues is a definite as I have lost three teeth since having PBC. I also have aching joints but then I did before I had PBC. I have to be careful that I don't blame everything on PBC. ( I haven't done the ironing, oh it must be my PBC) husband doesn't fall for it though. 😝

  • How long have you had PBC ? I have lost 5 teeth this year. Only 3 are being replaced with dental implants. I hope I can hang on to whatever I have left!

  • I was diagnosed in February but specialist thinks I have had it for 4 years. I can't afford dental implants so I'm going to end up as a gummie bear

  • The achy joints could be because of low vitamin D. I take 50,000 units once weekly. My pain still comes & goes depending on my activities throughout the day. But isn't there constantly like before the vitamin D tablet. It could have something to do with the teeth issue as well. Then again, Im no dentist lol.

  • I do take vitamin d 5000 I/U every day. I hope that's enough.

  • My vitamin D is prescribed. My insurance covers the cost, thankfully. I recently had to resign from my job so we're a one income family now. Very thankful for the Indiana insurance Im able to have.

  • Well between the dental implants and the Urso I'm getting a little low on money myself. I hope I don't need any more implants. I should have married a dentist. Haha... or been one.

  • We all should have been university doctors lol😆😉

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