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Constant dry throat

Hello everyone, just a small question but I've had a croaky voice for a while now and my husband has commented today my voice is often weak and I'm often having to clear my throats during conversations. He's suggested he wants me to go to the dr but I feel ridiculous going just because of a croaky voice!

Could it be a symptom of PBC I wonder?

Thank you for any advice.

Best Wishes to all! 😊

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Hi Caroline-12

One of the symptoms of PBC as I am sure you know is a dry mouth, could it be that you are not making enough saliva to keep the area moist. As you are clearing your throat during conversations I don't think it would be a bad idea for someone to have a look at the back of your throat. If you are due a dentist visit it is something the dentist could check for you but nothing wrong with having the GP allay any fears.

Let us know the outcome.

best wishes


Hi there, thank you for your reply. I wasn't aware pic could cause dry mouth (I really must read up more on the PBC!)

Yes I think I perhaps I should check it out. Don't like going to the Drs, and always put if off if I can! Daft considering I was a Dental Nurse for many yrs and a Student Nurse too! They do say we are the worst! Ha ha!

Best Wishes to you . 😊

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