Well prednisone and I are not good friends ...

my dr ageeed to go down in dose ...I am hoping to get a handle on the weight gain from the meds... and turns out the Prednisone was taking care of all my other chronic pain from my car accident years ago and now that I've gone down in dose the pain is all back.

My dose will probably be incepreased at my next appt because after two weeks of being 5 mg less a day my liver numbers are going back up

In any case 2017 will bring more changes and more struggles but I will get through them all day by day -

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  • Happy new year! I had weight gain from steroids but small price to pay for saving my life right! What are you on it for? The PBC?

  • For Autoimmune Hepatitis ... I'll be on it for life ...

  • Ok that makes sense it has saved my life so many times and I always gain weight from it but happy they have something right! Hope you have a happy healthy new year!

  • you too :)

  • Heel veel sterkte

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