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Ursofalk and other medication question

Hi guys, I have just started ursofalk and I'm wondering is there any OTC medications that I cannot take with it? I currently have a chest infection and want to take some benylin 4 flu which has paracetamol and decongestant meds in it. From those who take ursofalk - are there any meds I need to avoid apart from any indigestion meds already advised? Thanks a million, Laura

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Hello lauralocks123.

Apparently unless we are in the cirrhosis stage of PBC it is said that we can take OTC medications. Aspirin I believe is one that isn't recommended with PBC but paracetamol is supposed to be one we can take. (Sorry to say I've not taken anything OTC or prescription since 2010.)

With the urso it depends on what the meds are. the patient info leaflet usually states certain ones but a pharmacist could help you there. Some you can take, a case of taking at a different time to the urso.

On the info leaflet PBC Foundation originally printed under the orig term of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (not sure if patient or GP one, they sent me both) in that it does state certain medications and I did read that it said most medications are 'easily tolerated with PBC' but went on to state a bit different in cirrhosis. Obviously a doctor would know better.

There might be someone on here who has had similar symptons to you so they might jump in and advise you what they took.


My doctor told me to take "reasonable " amounts of otc meds as needed. Cold & flu meds ok for a few days until feeling better. He advises against taking anything long term unless directed by him. I haven't had any effects with the Urso.

Hope you feel better soon!


just remember to take meds six hours before you take Urso - Urso gobbles up medications! kandipat


I was going to mention thisalso


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