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Help! Does anyone get get Blisters on your legs or arms?

About 3 weeks ago, i got a large red blister made up of many small blisters, much like poison ivy, on my leg. I really havent been out in the yard because of the heat and rain., so i really don't think it is poison ivy. And it really doesn't seem to be healing. Does anyone else get this? I have cirrohossis, could healing be impared by this? I am so afraid to use oinments because of the PBC/cirrohosis, but i do wash it 5-6 times daily....wondered if anyone might have advice. The earliest available appointment with the doctor is in December, yikes! Very thankful for any thoughts...

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I know all about this. I get them every year and it last about 4 to 5 months. If its wet, I use zinc oxide and if it's dry I use this cream the doctor gave to me.

Not one doctor has gave me a clear answer why, but have given me great advise to treat it. Now on planes and long road trips, I wear compression socks. Seems to help a bit.


Thank you! Will give the zincoxide a try! Much appreciated!


Yes I get those very same blisters that you are describing. on my hands and feet after contact with perfumed products or chemicals like if I use a public toilet facility soon after they have been cleaned with bleach. I use a barrier cream to prevent contact with these products and have used my cortisone cream only on unbroken skin. All my personal products are perfume free as they make me itch terrible and then when I scratch the blisters break out. But at times i think it's some thing i may ingested like too much vitamin c or too much sugar in the fruits i eat.

Also all house hold cleaners are natural products as well as the detergent I wash my clothes in.

When my skin is too dry I use coconut oil topically. I don't have a bath but if I did I would bathe in coconut oil as well. It has soothing properties as well as moisturising and anti bacterial so great safe go to oil.

Hope you can get to see a doctor sooner if only your Gp for advice.

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Thank you! Didn't know about the coconut oil....sounds wonderful! Appreciate your thoughts. Have been trying to do more and more natural products, found an app for shampoos and creams..."think dirty" in the apple app store, still trying to figure out cleaning products. Use mostly white vinegar...this whole new life style is tough for an old broad!


There seems to be soem research that shows some relationship between Celiac Disease and PBC. Some people with Celiac get a blistering rash. I think it is worth looking into. I have both and believe that undiagnosed Celiac may have contributed to my PBC.


I have been Fulton free for 10 years and still get the rash crap. They sneak that crap into everything anyways. It always seems to start when I'm traveling. I eat at home 99 percent of the time, besides when traveling. I swear every time I leave my driveway something seems to happen.


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