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Does anyone use epsom salt to help flush toxins from their body? (Either by bathing or taking a small amount orally)

I watched a US television show earlier this week that highlighted the positive effects of soaking in epsom salt for 10-20 minutes 2-3 times weekly. It pulls excess fluids and toxins from tissues and also helps bring magnesium into your body, which can help reduce inflammation, regulate enzymes and improve muscle and nerve function. So, I tried it. Today my joints ache and I am expecially itchy (I typically don't have too much itch and am not currently taking URSO). I am wondering if perhaps my system is especially sensitive and flushing toxins from the salt bath (seeping through my skin), or whether it just caused an internal flare and irritated me more. I am tempted to try it several more times this week hoping for a positive outcome after several baths, but fear I could make the itch worse. What are your thoughts?

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I do this all the time. I use the Epsom salts with eucatypus (sp?) and mint. It leavesy skin feeling cool that actually gives some relief from the itch. It is a Safeway brand.


I bathe in Epsom salts whenever I start to itch and it seems to calm things down for me. It leaves my skin feeling lovely. I do think it acts as a detox as well as It seems to perk me up for a few days. I buy it from the chemist in tubs of 2kg , I can't remember exactly what it cost but less than £10 and lasts for ages.


Hello JennerLayne.

I have heard of Epsom Salts as what is considered 'an old wives' tale' here in England used for aching and tired muscles. Used by having a soak in the bath with the salts.

I decided to give Epsoms a go a couple years ago now after reading it apparently can help rid the body of some of the toxins. I thoughtnit might alleviate the itch BUT I have to say that in doing so it seems to alleviate it a tiny bit but can't say I have seen a major difference. Also I started to find that used alone it can make the skin feel dry. I started using it along with some of the Oilatum childrens' bath oil and

found it did make my skin feel wonderful but the itch is still persistent, probably due to the fact that the itch will be ongoing if it comes from inside the system and after food digestion when used bile is enroute back through the bloodstream.

Holland & Barratt here in the UK sell large drums of Epsom Salts that have lavender oil additive which for around £7 is good value. Boots sell small drums on the medicinal section as Epsoms is used for constipation. I buy a couple drums for occasional use these days and a small drum will suffice for 2 baths which works out at a cost of 75p per bath.

Given we can buy allsorts of scented (artificially in most) bath salts I do think the Epsoms are good value but I think used alongside something else can be of some benefit.

I've tried Tara Dead Sea Salts which I find good but there's no change itchwise there either.

I've also tried honey and vinegar in the bath as honey is supposed to be antibacterial and also vinegar is apparently said to be antifungal. Cider vinegar is one I have also used. Can't say I've noted much difference there but I've found it created an intersting bath! Porridge oats strained in the bath also are pretty good for the skin as you can feel a silkiness after used.

To me anything added to that bath that is of a purpose that has no harmful chemicals or additives in it if of far better use than something artificial.

I think SLWB that anything with menthol or eucalyptus in does create a lovely cool tingle on the skin (I have some tea tree antiseptic cream that has menthol in it and also of an occasion my husband uses the white Tiger Balm with it in for his back when he has the odd twinge), this tingle I have found does create some sort of diversion from feeling the itch for some reason!


PS I've not considered taking it in water as with the Epsom Salts reading the medicinal drum that is for constipation use, it can make the system more alkaline.

I have wondered myself if taking a very tiny bit of it as an experiment to see what happens would perhaps somehow balance the itching but I've not yet got the gall to give it a go.


I'm only familiar with Lactulose, a drug used to help eliminate toxins such as ammonia that are normally cleared by the liver.


Hi Jenner, watch Dr Majid Ali. His videos help me very much in the use of Epsom salt , I highly recommend it


I have tried very hard to find this video. Can you recommend a link please?Interestingly I did watch Dr Ali's video on PBC suggesting that PBC is not an auto immune disease Do you know any more about this theory? JD


Hello. Prior to mid-2010 I'd never heard of PBC myself but I have always read that it is something of an auto-immune nature.

If we are supposed to manufacture our own antibodies (the AMAs) then where have these appeared from? I think PBC is auto-immune myself but the key in my opinion is to find the trigger which started the process of the antibodies in the first place.

I still believe the way forward for PBC (and probably certain other auto-immune conditions where certain organs and cells are attacked) is to attempt to eradicate the antibiodies that seem to be continually causing the problem to progress.

I still think I developed PBC due to Hepatitis vaccinations in a job that was in a medical setting but all I can do is wonder at present.


I would wait till this "flare up" due to the salt bath has settled down and then try again, if you have the same reaction then i would leave it alone, once that "itch" gets very bad it takes months to settle down, i wouldn't risk it... Bev xx


Does it seriously take months for the itching to stop. I did Epsom Salt soak three weeks ago and the itching has been unbelievably intense. Nothing helps it. I'm thinking of seeing a doctor. I'm ready to scream.

Do you know of anything that helps?


Magnesium sulphate, This link is very good....http://www.epsomsaltcouncil.org/about/

i actually read some scientific studies about bathing in epsom salts and the main findings were that the body did absorb the magnesium sulphate which is good for us but not in large amounts, they basically found that there are health benefits, removing toxins from the body, you do have to soak in it for at least 20 mins, its not the miracle as some article suggests. Sorry can't find the studies now, if i do I'll post them up.

One thing is too have the bath water hot and to keeps warm afterwards, eg. getting in a warm bed after the bath.

I use them and it makes my skin super baby soft, i do feel good afterwards, but then a nice bath without ES has that effect on me anyway, It doesn't seem to stop my itching unfortunately, well only the part afterwards when I'm rubbing my back with a harsh towel to get dry, LOL. after that the itching is back usually.

I purchase large amounts from Amazon, seems very good quality at a very good price.


Well salt is a known inflammatory which explains your sore joints and the salt is probably being absorbed through your skin...i was told to avoid salt.

Perhaps try some vinegar baths


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