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Well, I went to my GP and had labs done right then. I got my results today and..B12 is good, magnesium and potassium are good and so is iron. The dr thought it could of been my cholesterol med causing the the muscle pain but no. She said to drink even more water (thinks it could be from not being well hydrated)and that I can take muscle relaxer up to 3 times a day. Those were the only things she said she found when reading about causes for muscle pain. I am to let her know how it goes when I go back in 3 months. Ughhh...I hope everyone is having better days than I. Take care


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No luck with getting to see a hepatologist then you must b well p...off with gps response.has she read the symptom list of pbc ..aches and pains are listed most of us suffer from it.try and get a bone scan...thats one of the things if you are newly diag with pbc to check they are okay.if u are drinling a lot of water already then you need to be a little careful that you dont drink too much!this can cause other problems.i would b inclined to get some guidance .best of luck.cazer.

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When my GP looked over my blood work all she said about liver levels was ( your levels looks like what "your" liver does) GP leaves anything to do with pbc to gastro since they are the specialist. I have another ultrasound scheduled next month and I am going to ask about a bone scan. If I can't get something done then I will be looking for a new dr.


Did they check your vit D. I've been better since they put me on it. Still have the muscle pain but not as bad. Just a thought. X


I have been on vit D for two months and I can't tell any difference so far. How long did it take for you to tell a difference on the Vit D?


Ask for hepatologist referal their not same as gastro....they are general tummy...hep just for liver.x


Hi Lisa15; if you take a cholesterol med, sometimes they cause muscle pains--- I like reading peoplespharmacy.com for information on side effects of various drugs & home remedies. Maybe this site might give some pointers to you on muscle pain related to various drugs, conditions, etc. I always check with my pharmacist as to whether certain drugs are liver "friendly", (some muscle relaxants aren't) what are all the side effects of various drugs, etc. My husband would get muscle aches with certain cholesterol meds, would stop the pills-feel better----finally found one cholesterol med that doesn't bother his muscles! Hope this helps.


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