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What should I ask?


My last post was a while ago now. I was just about to start taking Urso with some trepidation I might add! Thankfully have had no side effects so all is good in that respect. I have my first follow up appointment with my consultant since diagnosis, back at the end of January, next week. I am hoping that the recent blood test results will show that Urso is having a positive effect. I just wondered if there was anything else I should be asking about at this 2nd appointment. I want to make the most of the appointment as I may not have another until the end of this year.

Any help here would be much appreciated :)


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Hi Michele! Looks like you've got it covered since the Urso has no side effects. That is great news! Thanks for the update :)


Good morning! Be sure to get a copy of the results & have dr compare them with January results--- my dr went over the specific test result related to PBC, with me.I found that to be very helpful, also just in case your 'levels' haven't gone down as much as you had hoped--- sometimes it take Urso longer to have effect ( mine took about a year) Let us know what happens!


Thanks so much for that! I will do and I'll post again after my appointment.


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