Holiday time!

Well holiday time is here and with an impending journey to civilized parts of the world where mosquitto and sand fly are common I am wondering what to put on my skin. I always used Jungle Formula or local sprays however I am more aware of Deet now so less inclined to use proprietal brands on my skin.

Does anyone have any good rememdies for not getting bitten?

Thank you

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  • Hello butterflyEi.

    I was reading only yesterday in an online magazine I receive about 'bugs' and though I am in the UK noticed the article features mosquitos of which we do not have so wondered if the said article was any use for you to get some information. Here is the link.

  • If you're going where malaria (or Zika virus) is prevalent, I think you'll need something with Deet in it. I don't think there's an alternative - but maybe wrong, so best to ask an expert.

    To avoid getting bitten - only the usual tips about long sleeves/legs, no perfume, sleep under a net. Maybe extend to a hat with pull down net, depending on how appealing you are to bugs and where you're going.

    Avon 'Skin so Soft' dry oil spray - it's what our roughty, toughty boys in the military use against midges, bless them. Think there may be more than one and it's the one with blue writing not green. Buy online. Wonder if mosquitoes don't like it as well as midges. Not sure. Also Smidge has a following for midges.

    To sooth bites, Eurax Hc cream is very, very good. But because it works, it sells out at peak times of the year. It's the combination of Hydrocortisone and Crotamiton that makes it so effective.

  • thank you badpiglet. I had forgotten about the Skin so Soft. Fortunately not going anywhere with Zika virus or malaria but the sand flies also known as no seeums are a pesky nuisance. I shall go and have a look for the blue skin so soft.

  • I do know that if you cover yourself in mouthwash it helps.

  • Hi, The other day I brought from a £1 shop a gadget which deters mosquitoes. It's a keyring fob , it emits a ultra high noise which cannot be picked up by human ears. The amazing thing is it actually works, this may be another alternative for you to consider.

  • Hi Brummie do you have a name so I can find it on line? Tks in advance

  • HI, The product is call BUG BLITZ , If you have difficulty in locating one PM your address an I will send you one at no cost. This is a genuine offer.

  • That is very kind Brummie. I will look it up.

  • I have a friend who gets bitten every summer. She now uses Avon skin so soft , which was recommended to her by a bus driver when she went on holiday to Scotland and got bitten all over, she swears by it. Not expensive to buy so worth a shot, good luck.

  • Avon skin so soft works everytime.......happy hols 😊

  • Thanks for this. Definitely gonna buy some Avon skin so soft because I notice I must be very tasty to insects. My husband says if I`m around, he doesn`t get bitten. Glad to be of use !!

    Good old vinegar works a treat on itchy gnat bites if you don`t mind smelling like a fish supper ha ha

  • Thanks Liverbird. I like fish and chips but my husband does not like the smell of malt vinegar however desperate times for desperate measures☺

  • Boots do a range of suntan lotion that also contains an insect repellent - on special offer at our Boots yesterday! Ditto about the Avon product. We also use insect repellent wipes that we buy from Savers (only about 89p a pack).

  • Thank you. Do you know if wipes contain Deet?

  • Contains: Aqua, alcohol denat, propylene glycol, ethylbutylacetylaminopropionate, methyl parables, propyl parables, parfumerie

    Xpel tropical formula mosquito & insect repellent wipes is the website

  • Thank you.

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