Hello everyone just been reading up on turmeric .My son swears by it for pain he's had a knee injury for years and couldn't walk very far now after 4 weeks he's pain free and out walking with the family again .This aside when reading up I saw that it's being tested for liver disease especially PBC with good results .As always worried about trying anything new I wondered what everyone's view was .Thanks Anne x

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  • Hi,

    I have taken it in the past but stopped as my arthritis was better. I was also uneasy about side effects.

    This site is quite good for checking vitamins & supplements:


    If you look under the side effects, one of the things it mentions is .....

    Gallbladder problems: Turmeric can make gallbladder problems worse. Do not use turmeric if you have gallstones or a bile duct obstruction.

    Where did you see it being tested for liver disease & PBC with good results? Sounds interesting - as I might like to take it again when my arthritis next gives me real grief.

  • Badpiglet. Hey, it is difficult. Some people tell you to use this remedy and then you hear from others it is bad for your body. I just think we should listen to our bodies, because we are all different. Even on the leaflet of the Ursotan I use, they say not for people with liver diseases. So what is right and what is wrong? Very confusing. Enjoy your day

  • Hi Rockie,

    I wholeheartedly agree about listening to our bodies!

    And was interested enough to take turmeric for over 6 months. However I do just want to check with my doctor before taking it again. Maybe I'm over-cautious.

  • You are not over-cautious. We have complicated bodies. Let me know what the doctor says. Normally they have other ideas

  • I read somewhere it was good for some medicinal purposes including the liver but can't remember where , never heard of it in relation to PBC though, would be interested in reading it if you can remember where you saw it.

    I use it in cooking now, but don't think I would take a supplement I dont like taking more than I have too.

  • thats good newa, I have a bad back , and find ot very hard to walk, took Co codomol today, literally put me to sleep, woke up feeling like I had been heavy drinking, , so Turmeric bring it on x

  • Thanks for your replys I found it on a web site called turmericforhealth.co apparently it's been tested on rats for keeping bile ducts open in the liver. I will let you make your own minds up if you read articles . Thanks Anne x

  • Anneeileen1 Turmeric is very good for the liver to cleanse. I get stuff from my Homeopath that contains turmeric.

  • I have read that turmeric is a good antiinflammatory. As inflammation is part of autoimmune diseases I have been adding it (in the powdered cooking spice form) to my porridge for some time now.

    I have always used it in my normal cooking of curries and stews, etc. Now I just have a little more of it every day.

  • Unless you take black pepper (piperine) to assist the bloodstream to absorb the curcumin from the turmeric then Im afraid the vast majority of he benefits of the spice are avoiding you Chris.

    If you want to assure of the full benefits then it should be cooked up in water, then pepper added and then coconut oil (also for absorption purposes).  This then can be fridged and will last 2/3 weeks. Take 1 tsp twice or 3 times a day -at least 6 hrs apart.

  • Thanks broski. I do add pepper to my porridge and I quite like the little burst of heat it gives. It's amazing what you like if you try 😉.

  • Hi guys. Between the lot of us, we are going to get a cure for this PBC. (One has to stay positive, but when this dreaded itch starts, I find it difficult to stay positive)

  • Okay, I hate to burst the bubble for some of you - particularly those who may have low platelet counts (I'm in this group). Turmeric is said to be a 'natural' blood thinner, in some of the articles I have read.

    SO, I would advise you all to check with your doctors before using turmeric as a supplement. Read the article below - scroll down to "Turmeric Extract Side Effects". Remember, just because something is slated as being 'natural' doesn't mean that it is good for us.


  • whilst one or 2 of those are relevant (pregnant women, anti coagulant ) the rest are very much disputed! There has been deep medical research into it and this is the first time I have come across such accusations of platelet destruction and the like! Before accepting this I would recommend much deeper research which, from what I have seen, is very much the opposite of what apears there

  • It's been a couple of months since I posted this link so I had to go back and re-read it - it doesn't say anything about "platelet destruction" it says, and I quote: 

    "Turmeric can inhibit the production of platelets which are responsible for the clotting of blood. It alters the level of fibrinogen, a protein which facilitates the formation of coagulants to stem bleeding. Individuals who are suffering from hemophilia or any other blood disorder are strictly advised to stay from turmeric and its products."

     'inhibiting platelet production' and "platelet destruction" are two very different things.

    The above article was posted in the context of a PBC warning to those who are already experiencing low platelet counts due to late stage PBC - I am Stage 4, and have low platelets - suggesting that they should check with their doctors before taking Turmeric as a supplement.

    I recently posted in another thread here on HealthUnlocked, a link to the University of Maryland Medical Centre's information page on Turmeric. This particular information sheet also suggests that not only is turmeric thought to act like a blood thinner, but that taking large amounts "may also cause stomach upset".  As you would be aware, many of us with PBC already suffer digestive issues, one such being Acid Reflux, so the possibility that turmeric may interfere (as implied by this article) with our prescribed medications for the reflux by "increasing the production of stomach acid" is something to think about. 

    As always, check with your doctor before taking any herbal or supplementary medications.


  • Also, check with your doctor re: taking a supplement that enhances your immune system if you have an autoimmune disease. I have read not to take it.

  • Hi Anneeileen1

    Please could you send a link to the article you read regarding turmeric, as I am interested in using this spice.

    With thanks

    Yummy Bear

  • Hi I found it on a web site Turmericforhealth.co x

  • My doctor approves of my use of tumeric. I drink it every night as a tea. I use 1/4 tsp tumeric 1 tsp coconut oil a dash of black pepper (needed to activate the tumeric) 1/4 tsp cinnamon and some honey. I add hot water and ginger tea. It's actually a wonderful drink.

    I also make smoothies with it. I freeze slices of oranges frozen strawberries banana a nc cocnut. Add 1/4 tsp tumeric and cinnamon and almond milk in blender. Tastes great!!

  • I've heard a lot of great things about turmeric.  They even started selling the turmeric roots at my grocery store.  I like turmeric in my food, but I don't like taking capsules unless it's necessary.  I make a few dishes with turmeric powder or yellow curry powder that has turmeric in it, and I love them!  Check out some recipes for Vegetable Curry and Yellow Split Pea Soup with turmeric.  That way, I get all the goodness from the fresh veggies as well as the turmeric.

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