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Normal ALP at last! (urso+bezafibrate)

Male, 55 years, diagnosed 20 month ago, stage 3 PBC according to liver biopsy.

First year URSO only, and bilirubin etc was back to normal and itching disappeared directly.

However, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) was still way high.

Then USRO+budesonide was tested, no difference.

Last 3 month with URSO+bezafibrate. BIg improvements on ALP already after first month, and now after 3 months, ALP is normal.


If you want to read more, google on "pbc bezafibrate" and you see there are many references. Seems to be normal treatment in Japan since the 80ies.

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Hi there, Been wondering now for a while if my Dad had PBC, he was feeling ill for years but the docs could never find anything wrong with him, this is some years back now, he died in 2001, he was in Hospital, the docs put his death down to old age, he was 86 yrs, I was diagnosed 2006, and my symptoms are alot my dads was. thought it fairly unusual for a man to have PBC, but after reading your message, it seems likely that he could have been suffering from this, Could it have been missed back then.? Best Wishes Mylo2,


Yes, diagnosis for me took 4 month and was a big struggle. At last, it was a cancer doctor that realized I had PBC.

I wasn't overly impressed, a computer could have done it better, by just looking at the all the test values.


Hi Mattiasw

Useful further reading thank you for the information. I see one article shows the year 2003 in Japan. I guess it is not overly used in the UK if URSO is working but will be interested to read more.

best wishes

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Yes, if URSO is working, then of course, everything is fine. And URSO was working partially, i.e. no symptoms, no itching, and normal bilirubin. It is just the ALP that wasn't ok.

Without the ALP test, I would have thought I was ok with URSO only.


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