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Just a question, does anybody suffer with indigestion, as I seem to have it with anything I eat and some drinks even tea. I know as you get older (Iam 68 ) quite a few foods are harder to digest, but ...., Iam going to the doctors tomorrow, is it wrong to ask him for a blood test just to see whats going on? I havn't had another blood test since I was diagnosed with PBC since last May.

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Hello Sandie1.

You might want to try cutting up an apple and then eating that if you encounter indigestion. I did read awhile ago that it is good for dyspesia. I know when I first started urso I encountered heartburn for a few months. On an urso change it occurred again. This time though I chopped an apple up and found that it did vanish.

Indigestion and other digestive issues can apparently be connected to PBC but I also think as you do that as we get older we do find certain foods react differently than they did when we were younger.

I have found that making sure foods that I possibly can are cooked and tend to be easily digestible. I read in an old book for convalescents and as they were classed 'invalids' that chopping up an apple for instance and leaving it awhile to start going brown was supposed to be good for such categories. Something to do with the apple turning brown. I know I sometimes stew an apple in a teaspoon of water and have that. If having a pudding following evening meal it tends to be more classic UK dishes like plain jam swiss roll and custard I make with custard powder. I am at the moment due to it being colder weather into making rice puddings with milk and a pinch of nutmeg. Rice is what was recommended for babies to start weaning on when I had my children years ago and it is supposed to be easily digestible.

Until you see your doctor or get any results it might be of some use to use. I know eating apple shouldn't do any harm.


Sandie1. Hi there. Sorry about the indigestion. May be a gastroentereologist will be able to help you, I sometimes get indigestion, but that is the least of my problems, as it is so seldom. Hope you get easy solution. Good luck


I too suffer from bad indigestion since PBC diagnosis. I've been prescribed omeprazole which works well.


I am on that but my GP wants me off it as soon as possible . So I'm getting weened if it and have to find another way of coping with indigestion.


I used to suffer from this many years ago and was on constant medication however it has cleared up now thankfully. I used to sip warm boiled water if I was caught without any medication.

With PBC you have to be careful what indigeston medication you take , so I would go to the doctor for a prescription. I would also ask about follow up bloods theses should be being checked, it may be your care plan is to have annual ones but I think if your not sure always check.


Hi Sandie1

I do suffer (and have for years) with indigestion (reflux) and like you it can be with some drinks as well as food, I am also in my 60s.

I was given Omeprazole to start off but after reading a post on a different forum I asked for Ranatadine instead. On the American site the condition seems to be called GERD, here is a link


Here is a link to read about Omeprazole before you go to the doctor if you have time.


and for Ranatidine


If you have blood tests ask for your Vitamin B levels to be checked. Mine were very low and following further blood tests which proved negative for coeliac and parietal something or other I have put it down to my body not converting the VitB through my stomach and possibly the long term use of Omeprazole.

hope all goes well

best wishes


yes Sandie, I suffer with indigestion and on omeprazole, the doc will sort that out for you, Best Wishes Mylo2


Hi Sandie, I am 69, was diagnosed in 2012, I don't get indigestion but I get heartburn quite a lot. Are you taking Urso, could be that, but worth mentioning to your gp or consultant. xxx


I get indigestion all the time and I'm 47. Seems its happening more now after diagnosis but its due to all the meds they have me on. Curious why you aren't getting labs drawn more often if you have PBC? Labs should be drawn every 3 months. I'd ask for labs to be drawn. Also guess it depends if you are doing well on the treatment you been taking since last May. How are they tracking your liver levels without labs?



Thanks for your reply Theresa. I don't no why, I have just been back to the doctors, and asked him why I am still waiting from last May, for an appointment to go back to the hospital, also I have asked him to up my Urso as now I am able to take a higher dose, I found at first the dose the specialist subscribed made me ill, so I have gradually increased my self. The doctor has sent another letter to the specialist (he has sent 2) maybe I will here something. I feel nobody has much of a clue about PBC, so I just plod!! on hoping I am eating healthy ect ....,


Yes, definitely report your symptoms to your doctor to see if anything can be done. You don't have to live like this! Lots of things can cause indigestion and many of those causes are easily treatable.


Hi interesting I was diagnosed 2 months ago and was put on Urso and I have had indigestion as well I to wondered if it is normal just had onother blood test so will ask Dr and let you no

Iam taking Omeprazole started today


I started having serious indigestion problems that led to the tests that showed I had PBC, Stage 2. I was put on Urso but it caused excruciating stomach pain and had to stop taking it. My indigestion problems continue with gas, nausea, bloating and discomfort 24/7. It takes about 6-7 hours to digest a meal. I can't tolerate red meat, citrus and fatty foods (the doctor said because of the liver). I've learned to eat small meals numerous times a day. The things that make my stomach feel better (but don't improve the long digestion time) are apples, mangoes or mango juice, bread and low-fat cottage cheese. Likely everyone is different with what foods they can or can't tolerate.


Hi Sandy I had that for nearly a year then the doctor sent me to the hospital for test and they found i had very bad reflux, am on tablets for it and i'm fine now, do you have any reflux/acid when you go to bed?? mine was really bad during the night.... i would have it checked out though....

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I suffered for ages with what I THOUGHT was indigestion - classic symptoms, and turns out it was my gallbladder. I had it removed in January. I hope that you get some answers, but you might want to ask for a hidascan to see if it is your gallbladder. My gb, by the way, looked totally normal on ultrasound, but when they did the hidascan they found it was completely dead. I coped during that period of waiting for diagnosis by eating smaller meals....

Take care! Good luck!


Hi also have this problem have been on omaprazole but GP wants me off it.


Thanks for all your comments. I have had an ultrasound and they found a large stone in my gallbladder, they said they will have to remove it with Surgery, but won't do anything until I have pain, they said this is caused by the bile duct not working properly, PBC. I find most things I eat or drink gives me indigestion, night time the worst. I am 68 years old, never had anything until now , and now I seem to have everything !!!

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I get indigestion regularly too, have done for many years. Tends to be worst in the evenings too.

Im not on any prescriptions for it (was on Mebeverine years ago, but it didnt do a lot.)

I take peppermint oil capsules, they almost always help it settle.


WOW! I've never read about indigestion as I hadn't had that problem until now. I'm pbc stage 4 and was first diagnosed in 1996. I've taken Ursodial since then and have never had any trouble with it unless I take it on an empty stomach. I also take too many other meds for my liking.

I was put on the tp list in 2007 and as of 1/18/16, my MELD is 17. For the past 3-4 months I've had indigestion/nausea. Recently it's getting worse. Almost always nauseous and/or stomach hurts. Have pain right abdominal area, hard to bend over - hurts my stomach. I've been throwing up more, sometimes 2-3 times a week. Yesterday I threw up so hard (twice), I lost my voice! That broke something emotionally in me and I keep crying. (my poor husband - sympathy & thanks to all caregivers). I know I am end stage but made my peace with it years ago. Sure, I want to have a tp and recover to enjoy our grandkids and life, but if that is not the way it happens, I'm okay knowing I'm in the hands of God and have had a wonderful life. We have a huge summer coming up, including life-changing plans. Not feeling well, I've been frantically working on our taxes to get them to our tax lady. We have three trips planned throughout April 5 - end of May. We've recently made an agreement to sell our home of 32 years and our successful small business to a young man we've known since his childhood and his girlfriend. We are excited, scared and sad. I know I/we will grieve for our house but we're ready to go. All our family has moved away. AND we are moving into our 45' 5th wheel rv and taking to the road for a few years!! All about as overwhelming as can be.

This morning I called a friend who is also a counselor and she came over. We agreed that I need to slow down. We're not being rushed to move out. We want to do it by fall. Our fantastic young friends/buyers encourage us to take our time and if there are things that don't get finished, they'll deal with it. My husband told me to put all tax items in a box and he is taking it to our accountant tomorrow. We've gone to her for years and she knows everything. She can call or email me with questions and I can go in to her office whenever necessary. If need be, she can file for an extension. What a guy. This is stressful for me, but I'll survive it! :) (I'm paperwork odd of all things)

I feel better emotionally but my main reason for posting is my stomach is giving me fits. Naturally I'm not alone, which does give me some ideas of things to try and look for.

Thank you all for "listening". I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't read about others who actually understand. I've been riding this rodeo (stole that) for a long time and am happy to help anyone in anyway I can.

God bless you all,



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