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Hot sweats

I have over the last few days been getting overt heated and sweaty which is making me dizzy to the extent of want in to pass out but also have constant headache for 3 days now which will not ease up is this part of pbc or something entirely different I was DX last Aug 15 but think I've had it for about 4 yrs I have got worse in the last 5 months also have frozen shoulder wait in for surgery

Many thanks rae xx

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Hello raerae46.

Obviously not being medically trained can only speculate or perhaps make some suggestions if you take it up with your doctor.

I don't think your symptons are actually due to having PBC.

You don't state how old you are and the first thing that crossed my mind was are you old enough to be starting menopause. I have always over-heated and now having PBC it causes me to feel itchier when hot. (I was diagnosed 2010 and have itched that long.)

Occasional dizziness can be caused by low blood sugar. I think also that being dehydrated can cause similar symptons.

It could also be due to having a frozen shoulder you have mentioned.

Can you not make a telephone appointment to see your GP or book an appointment to be checked out. It sounds like it might be the best idea here. Meanwhile you could take note of the symptoms and when they are occurring.

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Hi yea sorry I'm 46 itchin I've had for about 4yrs its wen I get up from sitting I get really hot an dizzy or wen I'm in bed the sweat just drips off me I am going to see Dr as I see him every 3/4 weeks but my hands an feet are always cold I thought I might be going through the CHANGE lol but didn't know wot the symptoms were


Best to visit your Dr, but I must disagree with peridot cause I have the same happen to me. It's like hitting a brick wall. Mine have been easier since they put me on vit D ask your Dr to check your vit D levels. I had to ask but it's really helped. It could also be your age too.

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Thanks for reply I really don't think its the change to b honest my vit D has always been low not had them checked in over a yr but my Dr never seems to say anything about it but I will deff ask him thanks


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