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Thank you everyone that replied to my earlier post it was very kind of you all as it has only been months since being diagnosed I still have a lot to learn I dont understand what the blood tests mean its all so confusing but it is reassuring to know I can turn to this group for advise and support as I don't know anyone else with this so thank you all very much x

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Hello hd_60.

I started requesting a print out of the bloods at diagnosis so I could see the actual figures. I don't actually bother too much anymore when I receive a copy.

I tend to go with how I feel and can often find that 5yrs on from taking urso, I might feel I'm not doing so well and then the bloods come back (the LFTs - the liver function test as they are know and I also have a GGT each time, this is some indication that there is liver inflammation and one usually done with a liver disorder), they are better than I expected. I can feel on top of the world and then when I have the bloods done they are not as good as last time so I find it all a bit confusing at times. I have to say I've found PBC can be such a variant between everyone.

Most of us endure the itch, some don't itch regardless and then some have fatigue and some don't (I did in 2010 the year of diagnosis but then it vanished at some point during 2011, just have the itch) and some unfortunates have to endure both the itch along with the fatigue.

I think the one thing we all have in common besides having this PBC is that certain symptons we have we understand fully - especially where the itch is concerned - how each of us really are.


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