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pain management and pbc

Hi again - I am waiting for biopsy results, had my gallbladder out Tuesday and liver biopsy at the same time. However, before surgery I had chronic UTI's and terrible bladder pain. (I am immune deficient and pain stresses my immune system and makes infections worse.) I had just gotten a great treatment plan from a pain management doc - but that was before all of this appeared. He had prescribed gabapenten and night and hydrocodone when I am in severe pain. Once we realized my issues were liver related, he changed the hydrocodone to oxycodone (which has no acetaminophen). I will be meeting with him next week after I get biopsy results. Do you all have any experience with PBC and pain management? Are narcotics "allowed" at all?

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Hi JennyCville

I wonder if you might contact the PBC Foundation directly they have a telephone support and they may be better placed to help you.

If you are not already a member it is free to join either google or use the link above to get their details.

My immediate thought though is that sometimes you have to take medication for one thing although it may be contra indicated for PBC.

best wishes


Morning JennyCville,

I will message you directly.

Best wishes

PBC Foundation


I have started to get chronic UTIs and also have arthritis all over my body including both of my feet...My Doctor knows the pain I am in. It's good that you are taking the Oxycodone without the Tylenol as it the Tylenol that can damage the Liver but my Doctor said only if you are consistently taking high does of it every day. Good luck and feel better soon


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