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Know your liver:future learning

Liver Disease: Looking after Your Liver.

I have been taking this free course.

Look it up on line

Its a three week course with more information than you can shake a stick at but its not so technical it deters you. It takes about 40 minutes per week. There are videos and talks and feed back areas. Its really informative and easy to absorb

I have had PBC diagnosed that is ...for 7 years and there is so much here. Im very grateful to the Future Learning Team that have put this out there for us. Its in its third week but you can go back and start at the first week. Im not sure if it will stay up/out there after it finishes.

If this has already been mentioned I missed it.

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I took this course a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed learning and it changed my opinion on some issues. Very informative - great course!

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How dou you ou find the course

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Look up future learning

Look up

Know your liver


Hi boneytoys.  I'm just about to start this course next week.  Expect to be able to speak with just a bit more knowledge than now. Every little helps in understanding what our own body does for us and how we impact on our key organs by our life choices.... or does to us randomly through autoimmune conditions!  More informed is always good. I might be able to converse a bit more knowledgeably with my consultant.  I'll keep you posted.  Adele  


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