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International PBC Day 2015

International PBC Day 2015 is Sunday 13th Sept, 2015. Our theme this year is Movement as Medicine. With this in mind, we are encouraging our members, their families and friends to join us in participating in some form of activity on the 13th. We at the Foundation have two activities planned. In Edinburgh we are taking a walk up Arthur's Seat, in Holyrood Park and in Dunfermline, Pittencrieff Park, we are having a walk through the park, where there will be a variety of activities already taking place for the Bruce Festival.

Taking part in some form of activity for 30mins a day, not only helps physically, but can do emotionally and cognitively. This can be broken down to three x ten minutes, whatever you can manage.

The aim is to raise awareness of PBC, enjoy an activity and inform as many people as possible of PBC.

If you or your friends would like to do something, why not visit our website, click on the on line form and register your activity. We can then track all our activities on our map and everyone moving for international PBC Day.

Let's all walk, have a chat, take a picnic, take your dogs, prams, children and let's move.

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I'll be in Dunfermline, Scotland so if anyone would like to join me I'd be deklighted to see you.


Does anyone know if there is anything happening in Northern Ireland on International PBC day?


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