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Tired with Nausea

Hi I have AIH/PBC overlap and we are trying to lower and finally remove steroids from my treatment because I have developed osteopenia. I am down to 1 mg per day now but for the last three days I have been very tired and have nausea could this be the AIH rearing it's ugly head. My last bloods 2 weeks ago according to my gp were normal but I have noticed before that they have said it's normal, but it has been mid range; now to someone with autoimmune liver disease bloods need to be normal and not mid range anything. I don't know what to do, should I go back to my gp and say I think you got it wrong lol...they don't really know how to treat me as I am sure many on here have come to realise with their own gp's. Just a bit worried, is tiredness and nausea pert of AIH/PBC.

Thanks x

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Hello conniefused.

I only have PBC so can't really give you any experiences of what I believe is known as crossover AIH/PBC.

I do know that with PBC you can encounter nausea. It can sometimes be when you need to eat and it's said that eating little and often is a wise thing with PBC.

Tiredness is what I do experience, usually later afternoon some days due to broken nights sleeping with the itch in PBC. Fatigue is a common sympton of PBC like itching but I haven't encountered that since 2011 (I was diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010).

I am said to be 'OK' or 'normal' regarding the bloods I have taken at 6 monthly intervals now. Mine go up a bit for some time, then down a bit but they have remained abnormal since 2010 (obviously higher pre-urso) but I found out that in PBC for instance, they are not expected to get back to a normal level and can be acceptable at a certain reading. Some with PBC do have their bloods return to normal but it seems to vary from what I have read on this site with others.

The only suggestion I can make is to make an appointment to go in and discuss your bloods with your GP. You might just get a bit more information or may be a case of speaking with the hospital consultant.

I do expect you can feel all the more tired with AIH/PBC as both are liver conditions in themselves.

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Hiya, they put me on Imuran as they weaned off the steroids. Have osteoporosis now (more meds for that) and now they think endometriosis!! I have not had the nausea at all and don't really get fatigued but reckon I'm just lucky. I know they are symptoms of both. Maybe ask if they are going to put you on an immune suppressant to control the AIH?


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