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Spontaneous Nasal Blockage

At random times of the day I am having sudden blockage of one of my entire nasal passages. More often in the evening hours and primarily on the right nostril. It occurs when I am sitting in a chair and if I lean my head to side for 5 minutes or longer it's as if a "barrier" slowly slides in front of my nostril. And by saying this I mean absolutely "zero" air that can pass. At this very moment, if I press down on my left nostril and try and breathe from the right it is blocked 100%. I do feel some pressure around my nose and head. The only way I can breathe is with Afrin. What is strange is that sometimes when I have not yet used Afrin, it can suddenly within a few minutes slowly dissipate and open up.

For a long time I've used prescription Flonase, which suddenly became ineffective when this started. A pharmacist suggested I use a saline spray called "NeilMed: Sinus Rinse". I have tried it for about a week now and it does help somewhat. The pharmacist also said that because I've stopped using the Flonase that my body is reacting to a long term dependence on it and may be just adapting back to a non-spray every day life. * I just don't want to become dependent on this new NeilMed forever, as I have been with Flonase.

Could this be due to sinuses? I don't have watery eyes, runny nose, it's all just congested.

Thank you your help.

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I would check with the PBC Foundation (link to their site at the top of this page, on the right: with email link and phone nos to their advisors, then there on the site).

However, there was some talk, on here, about a similar set of conditions last week, and some folk were suggesting links to sjorgans syndrome, which is common among people with PBC. If you look to the right of your 'Question' above, you will see a list of recent Qs, and the top one is the one I'm thinking of.

I don't have any experience of this, but I'm sure there are people in that post who can help. Good luck.

Cheers Gritty.

PS if the posts have changed when you read this, the one you are looking for is: 'Constant nasal blockage and Post Nasal Drip', just keep searching through previous posts.

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Hi I have had this quite frequently at night. As I am on cpap it is a big worry. But both my nostrils close over and nothing will open them until they are ready to do so. Some nights after taking medication to go to sleep I have had to sit up for hours struggling to stay awake till they clear. It was very frightening at first as I thought it might be some sort of a anaphylactic shock from some thing I had eaten or ingested. My sister has an epi pen as her throat does swell as well as her airways and any where on her body. Any way much of my medication has been altered now and it has not happen for quite some time so hoping it is finished. I have also stopped eating all wheat products and refined sugar products. No white potatoes. I have a feeling that is what changed for me to stop it. I don't eat oats or corn either. No seed oils and no margarine. I have not stopped eating good dairy like cheese and yoghurt and A2 milk or if I can get it pure milk and cream. I also eat organic dark chocolate. My only gain is rice and I eat rice cakes and black rice and sesame biscuits.

Don't know if this will help you but I think the solution for me was to eat as clean as I could.


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