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Tea and coffee

I receive online newsletters from a few magazines and I have received one of them that I am slowly reading through.

Couldn't help but notice there was an article featured on tea and coffee. I'll post the link on here if anyone is interested.

I buy various teas and coffee and for quite some years now I have enjoyed one that is Green Tea Blend here in the UK. It is a mix of black and green tea and you can add a splash of milk that I do. I have tried just green tea but have to say it didn't go down too well with me. I do like caffeine-free hydrating redbush tea though and you can add a splash of milk to that too.

I used to buy decaff coffee but these days I tend to go more for quality and also don't really bother much about the caffeine in it. My theory is that if you get tired as I do due to night time itch of PBC then it can be a bit of a pick-me up. I only tend to have 2 coffees in a day, one following breakfast, other prior to evening meal. I don't drink much after my evening meal as I would rather not consume anything that might add further to broken sleep.


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I love tea, perhaps too much. Here in the US the most popular blend is orange pekoe and black tea. I like my tea as most southerners do with sugar and plenty of ice. I often can drink up to a gallon a day. I've cut the sugar back and instead of a cup of sugar per gallon I've been putting in 1/2 cup and plan on cutting it further to 1/4 cup, but from recent news is that a gallon of tea a day can kill you, everything in moderation as they say. A man recently in Arizona suffered kidney failure and died from the excess of oxalate from drinking a gallon a day, washingtonpost.com/news/to-... Here all the time I was just worried about my sugar intake, and I'm sure you drink nowhere near that, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless and should be shared. Thanks for the link!


Hello Jean43.

Well I ws thinking after reading your article on how much tea/coffee I probably consume in a day. I would say that I have around 4 cups of tea a day and 2 coffees usually.

I do make a coffee substitute up odd times, one that is made with barley as one ingredient, a few others and there is also guarana and fig. Guarana is supposed to be an energy booster. I make that like coffee, add milk and I do like the odd one as a change. I also have at present some good quality licorice and peppermint teabags in that I find refreshing. I do like licorice. I only tend to have one of these a day if I have one though.

Presently I have some fresh mint in the kitchen and I tend to put some of the leaves into a pot and add boiling water on, that makes a refreshing drink.

Unlike yourself I don't add sugar to drinks nor breakfast cereals either. I stopped having sugar in tea when I reached my early teens. I cut back from two sugars to one and then did away with the one. I've never added sugar to my own childrens' tea when they started having as teens either, nor their breakfast cereals and neither have in their drinks or on cereals now they are grown-up.


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