Claim for DLA

Claim for DLA

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with PBC & Raynauds 19 yrs ago, recently diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma and Spinal Arithiritis. I do have a few other autoimmune problems but these are the main ones. I have printed DLA forms on numerous occasions but was too overwhelmed by the volume of it to actually complete the forms. Has anyone any hints or tips to help me get this application finished at last as my conditions have worsened and iv had to go part time at work! Thanks in Advance to any replies, I really appreciate the help :)

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  • Hello suzmcintyre08.

    Sorry I cannot help you as I don't claim PIP (the old DLA). I only have PBC but I do read with interest postings as you never know in future.

    I have a website here that might be able to be of some interest to you though.

    Hope you find out from others what information you require.

  • I know people who go to citizens advice bureau for help with these forms. They have people who can help you fill them out. Good luck

  • Hi this site is very good but it is £20 a year to join unless you sign up for there newsletter first and then they will send you an offer to join for 15.99 within two weeks, They tell you how to fill your forms out and have helped two of my friends with their claims they now get full higher rate dla/pip and mobility so it was worth the money for them. XX

  • Hi Suzmcintyre08

    Citizen Advice or benefits help you to fill out the form also they also check if you can have any other benefits good luck. Sorry to hear you feel worse and had to go part time,

    I was diagnosed PBC, raynauds 13 years ago then diabetic type 2 , then last two years ,swollen lymph nodes in abdomin ,varicies, GAVE. Rash on upper chest they don't know what it is, creams not worked. Urine infections, monthly near enough, now also hiatus Hernia, next month 17 June. I'm getting Gallblader removed have stones and one big one. I had to give up nursing 6 years ago ,then worked 15 hrs 3x5 hrs 12-5 pm doing activities with the elderly for two years but even that got two much with all my pains, fatigue , nausea,and last four year retired at 53 lucky I got my NHS pension due to ill health, hope you get help x

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