A year tomorrow

It is just about a year since the severity of my "itch" became almost intolerable. I have seen the GP and have been prescribed Ranatidine which helps my reflux (was on omeprazole) and quietened the itch, this was at my request following a post from another contributor and not because of GP suggestion. Unfortunately it did not get on top of it completely so two days ago whilst in the Supermarket I just thought I would speak to the Pharmacist about the antihistamines that can be taken 3-4 times a day instead of the one a day I have taken for many years now. I asked her to confirm that it had similar properties and was cautioned about the drowsiness effect. Dare I say I am on day 3 of Pollenase 4mg tablets (chlorphenamine maleate) and have found the itching very quietly in the background rather than that itch which requires the nails to be dug deep into the flesh. So far I do not appear to have suffered with the drowsiness but then I rarely have the brick wall of PBC fatigue. Also because of another contributor I regularly use doublebase cream and with this combination I have had three very tolerable days!

I post this in case it is of any help.

best wishes

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  • Hello butterflyEi.

    Hope that this current method resolves the issue for you and continues to do so.

    I itch as you are probably aware by now but so far I have heald off requesting any medications to see if it can alter it. I originally was advised to try Piriton a common antihistamine when I first started to itch early 2010 before my LFTs were checked. The Piriton made me feel quite sick so I quit 2 days after starting the tablets and can't say it did anything but the GP did then state that it mroe t han likely wouldn't if it wasn't allergy-related. The Piriton didn't cause drowsiness or I might have been able to say that it was of some help in sleeping during the night.

    Back in 2010 my itch was pretty severe to the point it was with me 24/7 and I remember being at work and in a position where I was on my feet all the working day and stamping my feet at intervals as my feet were so itchy. That has long since gone and I tend to just itch at night. Some nights it is not as good as another and it can cause broken sleep that rolls over the next day making me feel tired alter in the afternoon.

    This morning when I got up I had actually managed to go to bed just before midnight and sleep right through until just gone 4a.m. I did have the itch return as it does within 10mins of waking during the night but I somehow managed to go back to sleep around 5a.m. to rise at 7.30. So I feel pretty energetic and refreshed today.

    I don't have fatigue either with PBC at present. I did back in 2010 but sometime during 2011 it just vanished. Tiredness is a different thing and I don't feel like I did when I had fatigue that I used to describe as just coming at me like a tidal wave and feeling that big drain.

    I bought a little stick from one of the chainstore pound shops several months ago, it is a cheap version of the headache sticks that we can now buy over-the-counter at the pharmacy if you experience an headache. It contains menthol and is cooling and I have actually found recently if I am to just rub over odd areas where I itch the coolness of it does actually distract from the itch for some time.

  • Thank you for your answer Peridot. I also had a go with Piriton for a short while but it did nothing for me! Glad to read you had a good night, I must say last night was one of the best I have had for a very long time! Happy days!


  • Fingers crossed for tonight and sleep. I am hoping I am on a roll too but so far since I was diagnosed with PBC I've not really managed more than a few nights and then seeingly back to square one.

  • Didn't realise ranitidine was supppsed to help the itch

    I take it for stomach ulcers but have not found any improvement with the itch ...in fact the opposite! !!!

  • Hi Cazer

    I read on one of the sites that a specialist had recommended ranitidine. When I asked the GP for it she removed the Omeprazole that I had been on. I find Ranitidine controls my stomach acids much better than the Omeprazole and certainly the severity of my itch had reduced but not gone. Maybe it is psychosomatic but together with the other two variables I am enjoying a trouble free moment. It is funny how different medicines will affect each individual probably why there are so many "horrors" on the beware lists.


    best wishes

  • HI All,

    My specialist is talking now about a procedure where they remove blood , cleanse out toxins and put back in . I can only imagine that it is out one arm and into another. He said another of his patients got relief from it. would be interested if anyone on here has had it done as my itch that bad again i would consider it now.

    take care all



  • Not heard of this, could you message the Foundation to see what they know?

    do let us know how you get on.

    best wishes

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