Anyone ever heard of liver "shunts?"

I had an MRCP & several tiny spots were found on my liver. My Dr. thinks they are "shunts," which is like a cluster of blood, that is fairly common in people over 40. He said he hesitates to go into detail because its very complicated, so he tried to explain in laymen's terms. So, he wants to repeat the test again in 6 months, because if you have a liver disease, they can sometimes develop into tumors. He told me not to worry because he feels confident they are only shunts & if they go away on their own in 6 months, he will know they are shunts & will not repeat the test again. Has anyone ever heard of these "shunts?" Has anyone had spots on their liver?

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  • Have been told I have small lesions on liver but also lungs and spleen but the specialist seem to be ignoring them.i do wonder if they could be some other sort of auto immune disease as I also have spme dry skin patches.

  • It sounds as if you are describing hemangioama. These are collections of blood vessels which do shunt blood from arterial system to venous system and, unless very large, do not usually cause a problem.

  • Since my post over a year ago, I had 2 more MRIs every 6 months. There are no signs of cancer tumours so I will have another in a year, because only when you have an underlying liver disease do you keep a close check. Otherwise after 3, they would forget it. They are tiny & not growing They also saw a spot on my lung, but said it is nothing to worry over. The doctor said spots can occur on organs, just as they appear on the skin's surface.

  • Hi.i don't have shunts but some form of lesions on my liver and fact it was how I was diagnosed with pbc in 2013(along with slightly high ggt blood test)I went through hell at first thinking I'd got cancer-even the specialists wouldn't rule it out.after a ct scan and a discussion with several hospitals pbc was apparently the cause-in fact it can be common.i still have them and just have them checked every year.i hope yours go away but it sounds like they're not too worried.please don't stress yourself too wishes

  • I've got chronic liver disease (cirrhosis ) caused by my diabetes , they say I have, regenerative nodules which can turn to cancer,

    I've had Bowel cancer and they did a liver tips, it is a shunt into the portal vein in the liver before my op, that was 2 1/2 yrs ago,

    My spleen is enlarged and I've now got an aneurysm from the artery at the spleen.

    It's never ending,

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