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Blood in poo

Hi everyone I have pbc and osteoporosis I was diagnosed a year ago I have been up and down with all typical symtoms itching fatigue vomiting diarrhoea and constipation but the last week I have had a lot of gas and blood in my poo I'm going to see my gp in an hour as I haven't got an appointment with gastro until April I have read up on it and as the pbc is causing bad gut and bowel I'm not that worried does anyone on here have same xxx

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Insist on having a sigmoidoscopy. It might not be anything but my own experience (aih and markings for pbc) blood on occasion, mucus, tar like substance and gas was in fact bowel cancer. Caught in time thankfully. Better to be safe. It may be a reaction to medication or anything but best to be safe. Good luck


Thanks for your reply doublewhammy I have been to see gp and hes ordering a colonoscopy in about a week but I will insist on a sigmoidoscopy now you have told me about your experience I hope you're doing well I have had the same symptoms as you but its probably nothing but best to get checked out keep well xxx


Colonoscopy is better. Its when they check all of the large intestine. I had the sigmoidoscopy which like checking half of it. So your gp is spot on. Good luck. Yip I was lucky they got it in time I just lost all of the large intestine due to the number of polyps but only one had cancer. As it hadnt left the bowel i got away without any chemo which i am eternally grateful. Small intestine is now attached to the rectum and I am fine. My fatigue also went. So life is good. There could be a number of reasons for your problem so fingers crossed, I am sure you will be fine. Enjoy your weekend


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