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Hi I was diagnosed with Pbc earlier this year after a lot of tests & scans. I was also diagnosed with overactive thyroid at the same time. I have been on urso for the last 3 months. I have found over the last few weeks I am not remembering things & starting to wonder if I am having loss of memory . I'm only 46 and have always had a good memory. Does anyone else have this problem x

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I do have that but I also have another condition called fibromyalgia where that's a symptom so I can't say if its PBC or not sorry.


Thanks teddy bear.

I will mention it to my gp when I'm there x


Do you have any perimenopause symptoms? Low estrogen can mess with memory, sleep, and a host of other things.


Hi I was diagnosed in July this year and I know just how you feel. I to am 46 and used to have a good memory. I find its not just the memory that's the problem but also thinking and speaking dont know if you have a problem with speech. I posted on here a while ago and was amazed by how many others were having the same problem. I know how frustrating this can be xx


Hi Carole,

There was a recent post be PBCRobert called PBC and Memory. Take a look at all the responses to that. It looks like it is quite an issue.

I also have loss of memory and speech problems. It has only been the last couple of years. I was beginning to think I had early Alzheimer's. I now realize that it must have something to do with the PBC. You are definitely not alone. However it would still be good to mention it to your doctor.

Take care!



Hi, yes, I have serious concentration and memory problems. I used to be quite sharp. Not anymore. My doc does not want to know, as far as he is concerned, it has nothing to do with PBC. Except for my son, people don't really notice. I use a lot of memory techniques and conversation tricks ( just repeat whatever the person you are talking to just said and they will elaborate and you will get more info that is helpful...). My capacity to do my job is tremendously reduced but...no-one seems to notice. I am only 46, too. Until this is a recognized symtom I am not telling my employer. I find that knowing I will not remember and accepting that I really have no idea what people are talking about or not finding the words to say what I want to say helps. Knowing I won't know I accept what is. I simply don't get things anymore!


Im the same age as you and I worry about memory loss too. I don't know if it's just an age thing, but I can't remember things either, like the names if things or people. It's not like brain fog, I've suffered with that previously .



Thanku for your reply. I normally have a good memory but like I said it's just been last few weeks. Possible that it's just an age thing x


Thanks everyone for your replies. They really help to know I'm not alone. I will mention it to my doctor . But like some of you said he probably not want to know.

Best of luck everyone x


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