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Pbc and kidney problems

At my wits end today. Has anybody had any kidney infections or back pain. For the last couple of days I have had a pain in my back just to left side feels like I am being stabbed. Could this be yet another thing I will have to put up with? Just feel like there is always something wrong with me and its just so frustrating can't remember the last time I felt well

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I do suffer with this problem make sure when you pass water dont be in a hurry make sure you do empty other wise it will go back and infect your kidneys and drink loads of water hope this will help.


I have lower back pain quite a bit, but I am not sure its from my kidneys. I know body aches are normal with PBC, but I also am prone to ovarian cysts and I have a fibroid that is more than likely growing. I also just put that off to that. However, I do have hip pain that I always thought was the cyst, but I think its more likely the PBC too. I haven't heard of kidney issues with PBC, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I do know that some people have overlapping autoimmune disease and some of those have kidney involvement. Maybe you should go to a Rheumotologist and be checked for those things. Or it could simply be a UTI. Not everything we get now is related to PBC, it may just be something else.

Take care.


Hi. I suffer from recurring UTI's and have PBC also. I understand frequent use of antibiotics is not good for LFT'S. Interstitial cystitis is a possibility? Best to seek a referral to an Urologist & have tests done to be sure. Good advice is to drink plenty of water - I experience dehydration occasionally & think this is due to pbc/urso??? I find drinking plenty of water helps dilute the itch also!


yes I get back pain lower back and hip .I have had a scan and results was ostioporosis


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