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PBC & Burnout

Just been to Doc's. Been told that my body is working so hard dealing with my PBC that I've gone into Burnout. Not enough energy left for normal life!!! Had my diet checked it's spot on, weight & BMI spot on. You have to change your life style. Teresa. Mmmm.. I don't drink or party so it must be work then. Which I can't do much about. Self employed it's difficult. So I've asked the other half if we can get someone to do the ironing. Got a positive response lol. Trouble is I look so well. Has anyone any ideas re supplements that could help to give me a boost? Struggling with this.com x

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Ironing, do you want to give me a heart attack :o))))))))))))))), If anyone expects me to iron they can go and do one, I take off the line and fold up carefully, any thing creased gets put in the tumble dryer for a few seconds to knock the creases out and thats it. I hate ironing and always have, i will have to go and lie down now just thinking about it :o))


Oh Dolly that gave me a much needed giggle, thank you. But for me the ironing means bedding I have a b&bas we'll as the pub so to save costs I do it. So now it will have to go to a professional.x


Ooooooooh teddy, thats hard work for you, you are going to have to spread the work load a bit more, yes I know it's hard and costly to do but you need to look after you. Big hugs to you, I live in Llandudno and have friends who are hoteliers etc so I know how much work goes into it as I have helped out in the past, take care little teddybear XX


Sorry to read this teddybear7.

Not sure about taking anything to give you a boost.

My diet is good, my weight and BMI are fine on the doctor's charts.

I was 45 when I started to itch in early 2010, 46 when diagnosed Dec 2010. I have noticed myself now that I have reached 51 that I am starting to feel a bit less energetic. I know myself it is due to a lot of broken nights sleep due to itching at night and after 5yrs it has caught up well and truly with me.

Me neither does drinking and partying and I don't actually go out at night at all if I don't have to. I found it difficult during all last year when my sister was hospitalised (brain haemorrhage) and going to visit her in the evenings. I not only started feeling very itchiy sat about being evening but by the time I reached home it was around 9p.m. and that for me is a bit like a flat out time.


Thanks Peridot, it's hard at times. But I've gone past that it's getting really serious things shutting down etc. So I'm going to have to really work at a change its just not going to be easy.


Hi there I can empathise with you on this one. Having suffered from PBC for 17 yrs my energy levels have got worse and worse. I already took ill health retirement from work 5 years ago and even now I'm a lady of leisure I struggle. Trouble is being bit of a control freak I liked to do everything myself and was rubbish at delegating jobs both at work and around the house. So frequently I would hit burnout that took me weeks to recover from. When I worked I had a cleaner and ironer but I still struggled to cook and was too tired for a social life. My family life suffered and I felt guilty constantly for trying to put myself first.

Fast forward 5 years and I'm much better at managing my fatigue symptoms. I do only have about a 3 hour window in morning when I do my chores........then go bed for a couple hours in the afternoon so I can get thro the evening. It might not sound like much fun but it works for me!

The reason I replied to your post is that the headline rings so true with me again at the moment. I'm suffering from burnout again due to my mum being ill and me having surgery. These things have come all at once and I'm completely wiped out. I know I can't prevent these crisis but it's frustrating nevertheless as I know it will take me weeks to recover. I'm also in unknown territory now because I don't know I've overdone things til I've done them. So I'm restricting myself to one job a day and see how I fare.

Hope you manage to sort out some help and please remember to look after YOU first

Best wishes sue 😃


Hi, you sound very busy, maybe too busy to eat properly? Why not change your eating habits and go for Gluten free - you dont have to be a celiac to be gluten intolerant. Give up meat, sugar and dairy. I know it sounds drastic but I have found

my new way of eating is really helping me with energy and lessening my symptoms.

I have a green smoothie in the morning, plus a fantastic liquid vitimin - that keeps me going till well after lunchtime. You can buy glutenfree bread but I make my own and its very quick. I have to say I dont miss the other things on a day to day basis as you can replace them with healthy options. I Hope this is useful to you. PS can your husband iron?


Oh that looks an awful response not meant it to. Thanks for your reply. Xx


I eat properly. I have had my diet checked & gone through with a fine tooth comb this week at the Drs so I won't be doing any gluten free nonsense if anything I should up my meat (protein)


Oh dear, obviously offended, sorry -

When I was diagnosed I felt powerless to do

anything - but now I feel Ive taken control of my body and Im going to be the best I can be. Im fed up being a poor thing! I meant only to give you another option.

hope we can be friends.


No offence ,& I looked at my reply & thought omg Teresa that looks & sounds awful hence the other message that appeared before it it should have been after. Sometimes what your thinking just doesn't come out right in writing. Your comments are really really appreciated. They've suggested more protein bread and eating my fruit differently all about slowly releasing the carbs/ sugars but reckon my healthy diet is actually quite good. I'm reluctant to go gluten free if I have no allergies. There's so much to think about as it is cause I can't tolerate anything but essential fats and not allowed sugar so it really leaves not a lot else. I feel a steak night coming on lol. It's really my only treat. Keep strong & yes we're friends ( hopefully) x


Whatever you do, DO NOT give up steak every now & then! Hopefully your dr checked your vitamin levels in your blood work, (Vit A,D, E & K), folic levels!? My liver dr told me to take a good multi-vitamin as well as extra vit D ( in my calcium pills), also I take 300mg CoQ10 every day ( 200-300 mg recommended, 300 was on sale)--it's good for energy, so they say, & a good probiotic twice a day. With regards to the ironing' ,maybe send it out SOME of the time & see if it helps with your energy level, . Not meaning to pry, but--- other half know how to iron?


Found that funny it's business ironing I have a b& b as part of the pub so it's professional ironer I need. Been doing it to save on business expenses but it has to go now. Thanks for your advice. X


Dear Teddybear7, I am also self-employed and work in my home teaching special needs students. During the school year, I start working with students at 9 am and finish about 7 or 8 pm depending on the day. I have learned to simplify routines and concentrate on the necessary tasks. Not everything gets done and that can be frustrating but I am learning to let it go. I focus on the rooms in the house that the public sees and keep them up to par. My husband has been very helpful during the past year as I adjusted to this new lifestyle.

My shift to personal care products that were all natural seemed to be very helpful. I look at it as less load on the liver as I removed as many chemicals and preservatives as possible. Take rest breaks at every opportunity you can...it really makes a difference in the energy level. Just 30-40 minutes stopping and putting my feet up and chilling out allows me to go for several more hours doing what is necessary.

Right now, I am carrying the load for work, house tasks, laundry, and cooking as my husband had shoulder surgery three weeks ago and cannot "reach, push or pull" with the right hand/arm for a minimum of six weeks. A year ago, I could not have done what I do now. I found a doctor who helped me find balance in work, diet, exercise, and natural supplements. The cumulative effect of changing my habits to taking care of myself has made the biggest difference. I wish you well as you seek answers.

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Thank you for your advice much appreciated x


Just having a look back on old posts...& realising I'm doomed. Still ironing & working on my sugar & fat free diet. But have had staff leave & no replacement yet so doing extra 30 hours is taking its toll. Knackers yard here we come. ALT up & emergency letter going to gastro. The next few months could be fun. Thank goodness my mind & attitude is strong. My problem is getting others to believe me when I say I actually can't physically do something cause I'm absolutely shattered. I look so well. No one believes me.


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