Feeling relieved

Hello again, I posted on here recently as I was very worried about a scan I had. I had a lot of support from members and thank you so much for that. I received a telephone call yesterday from consultants secretary who told me the consultant had viewed my scan and concluded the spots on my liver were 2 harmless cysts and we're not of concern, whew!

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  • Great news! Now celebrate and be really good to yourself on a daily basis - go on, spoil yourself.

    I'm convinced reducing stress, learning to be ourselves, realising our potential and having fun, all add towards keeping this horrid condition at bay.

  • Thank you. How come we find looking after ourselves, having fun difficult to do?I know I do and I'm going to do more for me from now on.

  • Great news Rosie

  • I'm very happy for you.

  • I hope. everyone in this community is Health recover.

  • Glad to hear some good news, great to share...

  • Way to go!

  • I remember your post Rosie2410. Glad it worked out for you contacting your doctor's secretary. Now's the time to start pressing on with life again as several others have also said.

    I have found there are certain things I doubt I'll ever do again with having PBC (know I wouldn't feel comfortable in a cinema anymore, especially in the evening as I'd feel prickly and restricted of course) but there are lots of things I can still do and do do.

    Sure a bad night's sleep that is very broken due to itching can have an effect on me the following day but if I have something planned or doing something, have some place to go I just get on with it. Don't know if it will remain that way but for now I just get on and do enjoy myself.

  • Great news now breathe x

  • Fantastic! It is wonderful to share in your good news!

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