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Just feeling sorry for myself !!

Just got in from work 8-3.45 feel so tired and weepy.

I have desk job but have to manage several diffrent applications and call customers . Just feel like its all to much I've only just gone back after having gall bladder removal on Jan 12th my second wk of full time only Monday!!@ feels like Friday :( I had a Lovley wkend relaxing but hadn't done me Amy good. I'm 52 on saturday but feel 92.

Keep telling myself to get a grip but its not working wish there was a pill to give you a turbo boost !!!

Had my winge now time to haul myself if sofa and make a meal

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Hi cowren,

So sorry you are not feeling better. Do you think it is just the PBC or do you need more recovery time from gallbladder surgery. How long did you have gallbladder symptoms? What were they? I'm 54 and feel 102. Past 15 months I get this pain just below breast bone dead center. Doctors keep thinking it is gallbladder, yet when they do HIDA scan gallbladder is working just fine. They have no answeres for the pain. I am so frustrated with being tired all the time. I am a stay at home mother of 5. Youngest is 18 but still have to keep house for 7. Not doing a very good job of it right now. I end up fall asleep off and on most of the day. Do manage to cook a nice dinner for everyone. That's if the stupid brain fog doesn't get in the way and I forget to cook half the meal. Family just thinks I am lazy which just makes me really mad. Not like you can take them along to doctor's appointment and have doc explain it to them - because the doc does not GET IT either. What's a person to do?

So what if you feel sorry for yourself ? Just try not to let it last to long. Also remember a lot of how we feel is beyond our control. The liver has many functions one being removal of toxions. How are you to feel your self with all kinds of toxions running thru your body?

Come here any time you are feel down. I know I feel a little better after I have.


Kosy2 hi does feel better to have a winge!I had gal bladder symptoms for yrs without knowing it constant heart burn pain chest and felt like somebody permanently had their fist under ribs on right side!had so much going on in my life past 5yrs just kept going!it wasn't till I kept falling down stairs and I moved to a bungalow and changed Dr as a result I knew what was going gall stones confirmed at same time as PBC last June then I just kept getting infection (my white blood cell count was all over the place )in gallbladder eventually collapsed and was admitted as an emergency. They then discoverd the stones had all gone into a solid mass and infected and blocked my bile ducts. If they are saying its fine with you you could be suffering with reflux I have that also which can cause pain in centre of chest I take medication for that omaprazole does the trick. I have degeneration of discs in my neck and fusion of lower spine but cannot take the usual meds for this because of PBC I did get pain block injection for neck but that's worn off now and I am waiting for recall for another one (soon I hope)

Currently waiting for decay scan as I'm in high risk category for osteoporosis . Seems like entry time I go to Dr they find something else !

Thanks for your kind words it must be hard for you with such a busy household if only they could spend a few days inside our bodies !@@

You take care now sending you hugs

Karen Xx


Sounds like you are shattered and things always look worse then and our bodies feel it aswell. Try to take it easy or if its too much for you perhaps you could look into cutting your hours. Sending you hugs and if you find the turbo power pills throw a handful over here please. :-)


PS I have just had a bone density scan done. Now have to wait for 4 weeks for the results.


It just might be worth checking for hypothyroidism too. I have just been diagnosed with this, and the exhaustion you feel with this is unbelievable, i,m feeling so much better with the medication. There's a massive link between autoimmune conditions.


It's good to moan as we all understand how you feel. I work part time and know I would struggle with full time. On the morning I do 't work I let my body clock wake me up! Just listen to your body. Keep as well as you can. X


Moan as much as you like, I do. And yes I am fed up with them finding moe and more wrong with me. I had a Dexa scan and have Severe established oesteoporosis but the gave me the result and also an infusion before I came out of the clinic, I can't take the tablets as they make me terrible ill so I have been put back on HRT patches and they seem to work.

Cowren I am so sorry your family don't understand but I don't know what you can do apart from down tools and let them fend for themselves I think they are all old enough.


Hi Cowren

The fact that you are feeling weepy makes me wonder whether you may be a little bit depressed - if it's a bit stressful at work it must be difficult to deal with as well as dealing with PBC. I'm wondering whether you've thought about seeing your doctor and discussing your feelings with him/her.



i know exactly how you feel, i am the same age as you but struggled and pushed myself to keep working, before finally takng medical retirement 18 mths ago. I think for some of the last ten years when work was difficult i kept convincing myself i could carry on and was in denial.

People used to say your health is more important, but i kept battling on, everyone could see it except me.

Take my advice if you can make work adjustments, cut hours or finish altogether its worth it for the quality of your life. My husband same age still works so things not bad and we get by

take care of yourself x


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