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High IGG and IGM levels

Just got into a bit of a panic I was diagnosed with pbc last week and ordered the DVD on PBC from Liver North. The doctor talks about a more aggressive type of PBC that 10 per cent of patients have. High IGG levels being one of the factors and that they diagnose steroids to help this. No mention was made of this at my consultation although they did want me to have a biopsy. I do have high IGG and IGM levels, can anybody explain this further please.

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Dear Sammie - sorry to hear you are so worried. Suggest you contact the PBC Foundation who are very knowledgeable and happy to discuss people`s individual concerns. I am sure they will be able to explain things to you accurately. Best wishes


Thanks liver - bird I have spoken to Robert at PBC Foundation and he has been very helpful.



I watched the dvd today and am now having exactly the same panic. Would you be able to share what info Robert gave you. Would be very much appreciated.


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