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Bit of a lame question this when so many are struggling with really bad symptoms but curious after googling dark circles around eyes.the answers keep throwing up compromised liver function.ive always had darkish eyes since my teens and noticed they've got pretty bad this last it could be thinning skin and menapause but could it be liver function?anyone out there noticed similer?

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  • I did have darker shadows below my eyes back in 2010 and even before 2010. I used to notice pre-2010 that lack of sleep made shadows more pronounced for me.

    I had LFTs taken several years prior to 2010 and all ok. I started to itch early 2010 and diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010, started on urso.

    Since taking urso and making a few lifestyle changes, I have improved immensely. I am 50 now. I am going through the menopause, started 18mths ago. I notice that my skin is changing which is due to natural ageing (I dont' count the fact that where I itch at the backs of my calves, that area has taken on a slightl bronze appearance as is significant with a liver disorder).

    Beneath my eyes, having improved LFTs and feeling far far better than I was in 2010 - fatigued as well as itching - I don't have very noticeable shadows these days unless I am having an off-day where I've had lack of sleep due to stillitching (night usually). I am no longer fatigued, that left me at some point during 2011.

    I don't pay much attention as I think with PBC and the fact that I am now 50, I don't want to misinterpret something as part of the ageing process and think too much into it. You can live with certain things and that is how I get on.

  • Yes I've really bad circles also. I hate getting my photo taken without makeup on or a quick pop out to the shops without makeup as people must look at me x think my god look at her eyes! My eyes themselves have also become very glassy/cloudy x bloodshot these last few months.

  • I have redness around my eyes more than dark circles, though I do have more of that than I used to. I never go anywhere without some make up on, so people don't notice it, but I do when I look in the mirror in the morning.

  • I've always had dark circles around the eyes probably from my twenties, so now I'm wondering if this has something to do with liver function.

  • If the dark circles are your only symptom you might check out food allergies.

  • Cheers pomice plus everyone else whose replied.certainally something to think about reading your comments.i have wondered pomice if I'm now less tolerant of bread etc.ive never really had a weight prob but certainally have now and it's all round my abdomen.sometimes feel uncomfortable.ive cut back on food until live barely been eating but to no avail.i work full time and walk my dog twice a day getting up at 6and often not relaxing till 8 so I think I do plentyv.doc just offers me a generic diet plan which is prob more than I eat!found I can't eat fatty foods or my beloved chocolate or I pay for it big time!

  • I had panda eyes for years. My then GP told me it was nothing to worry about. About 7yrs ago I started using an olive oil based spread instead of butter and the panda eyes have gone. I don't know if its in relation to the spread or just coincidence. Might be worth trying it for a week or two. :-)

  • Hi, i am 51 now and have dark circles around my eyes as far back as a teenager, i can remember .... maybe your right t is something to do with PBC......

  • Hi,

    Yes I have really dark circles ( I hate them) a few people I know have mentioned it to me and asked if I'm alright, I asked my consultant about it and it is related to liver function, I don't know of a way to improve the appearance of them apart from cosmetics, however I don't use any unless it's for a night out.

  • Yes this was one of the most noticeable change I had, my eyes look sunk in and dark beneath, some days it looks worse than others, the fatigue can be really bad, all with the muscle stiffness in my legs, especially after a days work, at times it can be that bad, it makes my walking a real struggle, when I sit and rest getting back up is awful, I am 47 woman, and have been struggling for nearly two years and holding down a demanding job, I suffer with all sorts of rashes, itches, I have had countless creams, my doctor has told me to rest when I can and to pace myself easier said than done when I have job like mine. I thought the same about the menopause could be we are dealing with both. At this time I am not on medication, as the consultant has told me I am one of the more healthier people he has seen with this disease, I would like to see what an unhealthy person looks like, because I don't feel anywhere healthy as used to be, not sure whether I am not being given medication for financial reasons, really makes me wonder at times about the NHS . ALI -D

  • Oh goodness Ali.that sounds bad.i only have a half dose of urso because I struggled with taking it but my bloods have dropped dramatically(altho that is no guidance as to how Pbc is progressing apparently)however i do think that you should be offerred it.i should kick up a fuss or request another for black eyes I'm lucky yet as I don't have the dreaded fatigue so I get perplexed when people come and ask me if I'm ok cos I look so tired!need a heavy duty concealer I wishes to you

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