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Esa tribunal soon

Awaiting the final date for this hearing and looking for advice. Does anyone know of any charities or organisations that would send a representitive for an HM armed froces veteran living overseas? Had i been living in the uk i would of had about 15 lawyers ready to help but none if i live overseas. Also i have a lot of medical papers in norwegian and just now been informed i have 28 days to have them translated at my own cost or they will not be used. Middle of summer holidays, minimum time normally is two months, and that is for the Ministry of Defence translating similar docs, and at £100 a page, how do they expect someone on benefits to be able to pay that sort of fee. I already have to pay flights with no renumeration. Also on the day of the hearing should i dress casual, or a blazer/sports jacket so i can wear my medals? GSM northern Ireland clasp and n. Iraq s. Turkey clasp (operation safe haven), Gulf War, UNPROFOR (yugoslavia), NATO former yugoslavia, veterans golden and diamond jubillee, saudi liberation of kuwait, kuwati liberation medal. Or would it make no difference to these people? I have also been in receipt of a permanent disability pension since 1996 at a level of 50% in Norway now increased to 100% after trying to work part time and making my health conplaints worse, yet DWP think i should be working fulltime. Though i did find in my SAR a document they neglected to send to the tribunal stating ATOS removed 9 points from the medical proffesionals report to push my score below 15, so i am reasonalbly confident if the hearing is held by anyone even remotely just i shouldnt have a problem, but if not can i adjourn the hearing myself and demand another with different people? Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I run a group on Facebook that aims to help people with ESA and DLA issues. I have some very knowledgeable admins and one with forces knowledge. If you are on face book you might like to join us.

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Hello Skotten.

I have read your posting a few times over to understand exactly. My first thoughts were can anyone claim disability and not be living here in the UK now. On having a snoop I did find that ex-army personnel can apparently only claim in certain countries (Norway being one it seems) if they have a disability connected with being in the Forces.

That brought me to then think have you posted on this site due to having PBC? If your disability involves having PBC I somehow doubt that it would be considered as PBC is apparently auto-immune and nothing to do with work history (unless at some point someone otherwise states so). This might be why some element of disability is being brought into question, PBC as it seems to be a bit of a tricky one for disability and not to mention life insurance and travel insurance.

The one thing that did spring to mind also is that if you are ex-Forces as my husband is, have you tried contacting the Royal British Legion for any support on this matter?