Double the itch - Chicken Pox

Hi. I went to my dr yesterday as came out in spots to be told at the age of 43 I have Chicken Pox. Not been around any children so no idea where I picked it up from. Apparently I didn't have it as a child even though my mum sent me to chicken pox parties. Anyone got any suggestions re the itch as it's particularly bad on my hands (both sides) and with the dreaded pbc itch it feels 10 times worse. Tried calamine lotion which was a waste of time as was ice cubes. Any suggestions welcome please as I'm at my wits end.

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  • You poor thing. They say adult chicken-pox is worse than the children's! I've had shingles (same virus) as an adult and found calamine with glycerine very good as it doesn't dry out like the normal calamine which dries up and makes you itch all the more. A work colleagues baby granddaughter recently had a bad dose of chickenpox and they used a product called 'ViraSooth'. It comes in a cream and a spray which they found excellent for the baby. You can get it at any good chemist, its a bit pricey around £8.50 for the spray.

    Try and stay cool, only wear cotton close to the skin and I hope you feel better really soon.

  • Thanks I sent my husband out to get some and already feel the benefit. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. Thanks for sharing this with me it's really appreciated.

  • Hello Mcinnel2.

    Oh I feel for you, double the itch. The one consolation is that the chicken pox will vanish unlike this damn PBC itch. (Yes I am a night time itcher.)

    My brother-in-law many years when he was in his mid-20s he developed chicken pox never having had it as a child. As I remember he didn't fair too badly with it. Some have more spots than others. My sister and I had as children together and we didn't get many spots, neither did my own 2 children. Hoping you a speedy recover and that you like my family and I don't suffer to many of the itchy spots. We used calamine lotion on ours.

  • Thanks Peridot for your kind wishes. I used the spray mumofthree recommended and had quite a peaceful night considering. I am hoping I'm over the worse of it.

  • Glad to read that the spray that was mentioned (I've never heard of it).

    One question, do you think this spray/cream helped in any way with the itch of PBC at all? You know temporary relief.

  • Hi I never gave it a thought. I am bound to get the pbc itch over the weekend so will use the spray and let you know. It was quite expensive but if it gives short term relief it will be worth it. Have a good weekend and I will let you know on Monday.

  • Hi Mcinnel2, I caught chicken pox for the first time at the age of 45. I've just been diagnosed with PBC in January at the age of 52. I think I've had PBC for a few years though as my GGT has been elevated since 2009 when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and gallstones. I was wondering if it was this virus which could have triggered my PBC as I've read that it can be activated by a virus. Hope you get over the virus quickly :)

  • How funny, I'm reading about your chickenpox and it just happened I went to see my general doctor this morning and was told, I have the varicella virus which is chickenpox. Even though I got it as a child, it stays dormant in the nerves. He said due to my weak immune system, probably cause of the PBC it reactivated. The itching is bad as the soars on my arms, back, neck and now my face. WOW! who would have known at age 49 it would reactivate and I thought I got bit by a spider and had an staph infection. Hope you get better and don't scratch too much, it makes it worse.

  • The itch is subsiding and I managed to wash my hair this morning so definitely on the mend. Carrot14 - I hope you feel better soon. Clearly our immune system makes us susceptible to lots of illnesses. My mum bless her said it was nice that I got a "normal" illness for once. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  • Hi Peridot. The spray didn't help my pbc itch which I always get on my legs. I have been prescribed colesevelam tablets for my itch which has helped. Also when it's really bad I put Arjun cream on, again prescribed by my dr that does work. I'm very lucky my gp is great and when I was first diagnosed he made a point of going to a seminar about it and did lots of research so I feel I'm in good hands.

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