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Wanted to introduce myself

I am new to the group I have had a liver biopsy and was diagnosed with stage two PVC in 2010. I was put on ursodiol 1200 mg a day. I have only had itching about five times in the past four years. I'm happy about that but I do have a lot of pain and bloating the seems to be going on this past year and I also have no energy. I've been having a lot of nausea so they did a HIDA scan thinking that maybe it's my gallbladder but that came back normal so going back to the doctors today.

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Hello friendozzy.

I am happy for you too regarding your itching as I itch every night almost but thankfully it is only confined to night. I just have the itch but back in 2010 the year I was diagnosed I was also fatigued at the time but that has long since vanished.

I have not really experienced bad nausea over the years and even since 2010 but I do find that for me the odd time I feel a bit nauseous is when it is that part of a womens' cycle. I am sure a lot of women experience that phase of wanting to eat more at certain times of the month as that is me too.

I only suffered bloating and bad heartburn just after starting urso Dec 2010. I know this was down to the urso as it vanished within a few months.

Have you tried eating little and often and cutting back on as much fat as you can. Might be worth a try and see what results you get. Also drinking plenty of water can also be beneficial to bloating. I know I was never informed what to eat and what not when I was diagnosed, I was just told to eat as I usually do.

I do think though that given bile is used in breaking up of fats I myself think wise to cut back further. I know the odd time if I do have a meal that is probably with that bit more fat I know many hours later I can feel a twinge of heartburn which I never had pre-urso.

Hope your current problem can be resolved simply.


Thank you so much for all the information. I have learned so much being on this site. It is so helpful to know that I am not the only one with these problems. I went to the doctors yesterday and they cut me back on my ursodiol from 1200 mg to just 600 mg. he thinks that that may be causing the pain and bloating in the upper right abdomen liver area. I have not been able to eat much for the past 32 days. I did lose 14 pounds. I do need to lose weight but surely not this. Thanks again for your reply I hope you have a good day.


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