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I now know!

Hi ladies

It seems that I do indeed have PBC! But very early stage! My liver auto antibody profile is

M2 ++ positive

3E (BPO) ++ positive

Mitochondrial Abs ++ positive

I'm relieved at the results. He's referring me to a Hepotologist to discuss biopsy, and I've opted not to start urso as my lfts are normal... Still.

So I guess this is where it starts at this stage!


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Hi skywalker,

I'm still waiting for the results of my AMA/ANA blood test. What other tests did you have to get your results? How long did they take for the results to come through? And do you have "The Itch"? So many questions, sorry. :)



Hi poemsgalore1

I've known about the AMA antibody for three years or so,I had an MRCP scan before Xmas, only got results today! My AMA just got stronger and stronger, plus I have fatigue, itching and mottled palms. I'm ana negative! My lfts are normal by the way, that's why I've chosen not to start urso yet! I'm at very early stage!

Have you had a scan?



Hi Skywalker, I'm glad to hear you sounding so positive, and that the results are as good as can be for PBC. It also sounds like you have a good relationship with your GP, with lots of discussion and information.

I'm working up to a re-diagnosis / re-analysis, yet I am nervous, as I'm obviously aware that I might find I, too, have PBC after all my refutations and denials. But like you I think it is better to know one way or the other, rather than live in limbo and worry. Now, like many others on the site, you can cut out all the 'insecurity' stress, and concentrate on living life to the full, and do your utmost to give your liver the best chance. Take care, Carole

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Hi grittyreads

Your right, I do feel better, and not so much like a fraud if you know what I mean, the doc I was seeing was a gastro who took me under his wing after I had my gall bladder removed, he is now discharching me and referring me over to a Hepotologist who is more knowledgable in this field. My lfts are still normal by the way, he reckons a biopsy would help for sure to check the disease activity as he said, lfts don't show liver damage and neither do most scans! But I'm at peace with myself.

You need to start again love, new consultant, and insist on a fibro scan or MRCP which will help to give a much clearer picture! Xxxx


Hi skywalker.. Did you say lft's and scans DONT show liver damage?? Is that just for pbc? But the fibro scan does? Wishing you well.



The gastro who I saw yesterday told me that scans do not really give a clear picture of bile duct damage, he told me that even though I had had an MRCP scan and it didn't show any fibrosis or damage, that wasn't to say that there is some damage and that only a biopsy would really tell! He mentioned to me that ultra sound scans are no good for showing mild small bile duct damage! I can relate to this, have you seen scans of babies, you can't see detail! I believe a fibro scan is better for detecting fibrositis but I have never had one.

So in my opinion.... Scans are not good for showing small detail.. These are my opinions, they are not the opinions of doctors, I am not a health professional. I am a patient and these are my opinions!

I hope this helps sunflower1

Wishing you well xx


Thanks for your reponse skywalker and hope you are well... I have had a lots of tests and scans, by that I mean LFTS and ultrasound not ct scan which I think shows more. Also had the Firboscan which last year was 6.7 this year 6.3. which means I am OK.... although maybe borderline..

Take care. xx


Hi Sunflower1

Have you been diagnosed with PBC? xx


Hi Skywalker, I am lucky.. or not, I have not been diagnosed with anything, I have had ALOT of symptoms over the past few years and had ALOT of tests but nothing found. I do drink and I know that PBC is not a result of drinking. I think I MAY have just become sensitive to wine? or early tage fatty liver? I really dont know as the docs have not come up with anything? I feel bad really posting on here when so many other really do have problems compared to mine. The only thing that has come back a bit dodgy with me is a weak positive ANA which the docs say is nothing on its own. Take care, and thaks for asking. Wishing you well xxx


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