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Bizaar question really.mildly curious but does anyone out there suffer from facial thread veins and black'panda'eyes?

Idily trawling through some other sites I came across this as an autoimmune symptom.now my dad who is 90 and in disgustingly good health bless him has always had thread veins.just wondering if he is my genetic link?ive always been predisposed to having black eyes(underneath and in corner near nose)when I was younger around the time of the month however this last 6month I feel most pandas would kill to have a set like mine and nothing seems to cover it.is that the liver problem showing.?none serious obviously but would be interested to know if anyone as a spare min.thanks

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Hello cazz22.

Well yes and yes! I have always had a minor dark shadow just below my eyes and though they have improved in the last couple years and seem to look better in the summer months, I don't really know the cause. When I was 11 years old I remember the Headmaster at primary school telling me that I looked like I never had much sleep and it was never thought about much more as in all honesty I did used to go to bed late at night then (before midnight might I add).

I have what is apparently known as roseacea on my nose. Had this several decades now (I am 50 this year by the way). This is something that cannot be cured. Some days when I am very hot it shows up more but then when I am cold not as red looking. When I went to ENT several times up until Nov last year, the ENT surgeon (different one to who I had seen previously) asked about this and said they were thread veins and that the only way to remove is by stripping them out with surgery. Quite frankly I'm not bothered. One of my mother's friend's had the very same on her nose in particular.

I have what is known as a spider vein - just the one - on the inside of one of my calves. Varying times you cannot see it, others you can.

I don't think they are anything to do with our liver, pretty certain of that. It is more than likely due to blood flow. I have very noticeable veins on my body. The nurses have no problem whatsoever taking any blood from me. When I am cold the veins aren't visible but when I am hot they tend to stand up and are noticeable. I think as I've got older with the skin ageing and getting thinner with passing time, that is more than likely why the last few years they are more visible.


Hi peridot.sounds a lot like mine.i wasn't at all worried but since being diagnosed I read all I can about this pbc.cant remember the name of the site except I believe it was from USA but they believed the thread veins were an auto immune link.it made me curious to see if any of us pbcers had this.both eyes and veins are getting worse as I get older(54).anyone else got these???


Yes and yes nothing seems to make an improvement whether it diet or sleep:(


I get the red veins on ny cheek but so does my mum so thought it hereditary. I do get very dark eyes which were at their worst when I was at my worst health ways. To the point I look like I have two black eyes in my passport photo. I also have a huge spider vein on my leg....it is very ugly. I remember reading about the spider veins online too .


Hi, I get thread veins / roseacea on my cheeks and nose also. I get mine treated with a laser course (IPL) about once every 18 months which really helps reduce and in some parts remove completely. It's a bit pricey and you have to be careful to go to a good quality clinic but does work well.

Obviously not a fix for the underlying cause but it's a way of managing


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