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My mom was diagnosed with PBC at the age of 62, each of her children were then tested and we all came out negative. I'm now 62 with

numerous medical issues (Aortic Stenosis, Pulm Hypertension, High B/P, hypothyroid, CHF,COPD....etc), but I'd like to be retested for PBC. My doc looked at me like I was crazy for even suggesting it. Should I just forget about it?

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Hello georgiegirls.

I seem to think from your question that you are in America.

My personal view here is of the thinking, "What you don't know....."

I am quite certain that if you were going to develop PBC then it would ore than likely picked up with abnormal LFTs given you state that you have a few medical issues as I know for one that thyroid problems normally deem one to have blood checks at intervals.

Normally any new tablets that a doctor could prescribe, blood checks are often done and the LFTs are one as some medications have to be used with caution or altered if any problem is thought could occur with the liver. I know quite some years ago unknown to me at the time (found out in 2010 whilst undergoing various bloods and scan as had itching and abnormal LFTs) that I had the LFTs done when I was checked for anaemia as that seems a norm. Might be due to the age of the patient that it is done or the fact the liver can store higher amounts of iron.

Now I am 50 next year and my mother died back in 1987 when she was aged 43. I have no idea if my mother might have come down with PBC when she was older though I do know my mother's mother who died in 1994 (at 83) did have a couple of minor health issues that she never saw a doctor about, she just got on with it. She did however have a course of iron injections in her late 70's but that was all. I myself have a 27yr old daughter and I personally would not suggest her seeking a doctor to check if she has the AMAs.

This is due to the fact that one can actually have PBC and never know about it as it never progresses very far at all remaining asymptomatic. I do think that sometimes knowing something can be more stressful and it could impede on your life somewhat. I know I'd rather not know if I had no symptoms of PBC. (I still itch at night, that's not left me since starting urso Dec 2010 but that is the only sympton I really have. Without the itch I'd not know I had PBC.)


No, if you want to be tested ask, what's his problem with doing a blood test?


If your mum had pbc it doesn't mean you'll automatically get it.. However it probably explains why you have the other conditions as I believe auto immune disorders run in the gene pool.. However not necessarily the same ones.. This is certainly the case in my family.. However lindas right just check when next at docs lfts and amazing. As peridot says they've probably already routinely checked this.. I'm a bit sceptical these days tho and question everything.. LOL


My predictive text changed ama to amazing.. Sorry


Thanks you guys for all your comments, I will take them to heart.

My best to all of you.


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